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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Using Poor For Fame: Bollywood Following In Modi’s Footsteps

Social media schooled Bollywood celebrities for using poverty for mere optics and attention on social media.

An Indian researcher and social media user, Samanth Subramanian have slammed some Bollywood celebrities for their pretentious acts of mingling with impoverished, despondent and poor people to show themselves humble and noble to their followers.

He claimed that such acts while done on the pretext of serving humanity are part of the PR exercise and image building of the actors and actresses among people. He says several PR agencies have suggested Bollywood celebrities to run ostentatious charity campaigns to mold their image as people-friendly, humble and humanitarian.

The social media user pointed out that since the Bollywood celebrities are ‘ultra-rich‘ and much of the Indian population living near or below the poverty line fails to connect with them. Hence, Bollywood celebrities, vying for attention, are now eagerly looking for avenues to maximize their interaction with the poor and flash it on social media to boost their stature.

Following a typical style, Bollywood celebrities share their pictures of interacting with poor people with a heartwarming caption.

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Subramanian posted the instances of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, who met up a family living up in a small village on the mountain they went for trekking. Anushka Sharma shared the picture with the family, asserted that they were warmly received by the family who did not know who they were. According to Sharma, she and her husband were known as ‘tired trekkers‘ to the family. The couple then enjoyed tea with the family.

He then posted another picture of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who took his young daughter to a broken house to meet an old couple who served them a ‘Gur wali roti‘. Kumar captioned the pic, ‘Truly, being kind costs nothing but means everything.’

Anupam Kher, a veteran actor, was another celebrity whose PR activity Subramanian exposed on Twitter. According to Kher’s post, he took a few poor little girls for a meal in the restaurant, who is his morning walk friends. He treated them with a meal at a lavish restaurant and added that the girls asked about the bill of the meal.

Reacting to his tweets, several social media users cited the instance of Salman Khan, his tarnished image was immensely restored by his massive charitable acts within a decade.