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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Usman Mukhtar comes forward with his experience of harassment, bullied & blackmailed

Usman Mukhtar allegedly accuses his fellow female artist of harassment.

As many people are coming forward to share their experiences of harassment, The Sabaat actor, Usman Mukhtar reveals his experience of harassment and blackmail by a woman who also happened to be his fellow artist.

Taking to his personal Instagram handle he shared a tale of posts on his story explaining that the argument had started over creative differences regarding a music video. The parchi star wrote how he has been ‘harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for one year and a half by this woman.”

He also mentioned that the harassment was reported to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and that the FIA took a year to trace the woman, adding, “Another half a year to summon her after calling her multiple times.”

He stated that the main reason he felt the need to come out about the incident was that it was taking a toll on his family and mental health as a result of the dispute. “My Family and friends have been targeted with harassment and disparaging comments, especially Amma, my mental health has suffered, my anxiety has been messing with my health because of this person. I stayed quiet and let the authorities deal with it. However, i’m just tired.”

The Anaa actor announced how it made him uncomfortable to go public with the situation as he said “I had wanted to resolve this quietly, in order to not bring negative attention onto a woman, any woman, but I can’t remain silent in good conscience while my character is constantly being maligned.”

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The cinematographer elaborated on that fact that “My intention is not to take away from the valid fears and threats women face every day, rather it is to clear the air so people don’t exploit the situation for their own false and unfounded gain.”

According to Usman, her claims against him kept changing over the years. She had even apologized at one point, to which he attached a screenshot of, but continued to defame his reputation.

Celebrities have also come forward to show they stand with Usman. Have a look

A lot of the netizens have also taken a stand for the actor, sympathising with his sentiments

However, in a recent development artist Mehrooz Waseem has come forward to unveil herself. According to the artist Usman never went forward with his complaint after her statement to the FIA.

Putting a series of pictures of her personal statement on her Instagram account the artist said “he refused to pursue the criminal defamation case he had filed against me or give me a public apology.”


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A post shared by Mehrooz Waseem (@artbymehrooz)

I’ve cited my sheroes too” Mehrooz stated.

The Artist in regards to the continuation of her post went on to say “And all the brave ex-employees of patarimusic whose names I don’t know. Sending you lots of love and power!

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However a day after when the artist cleared the air regarding her reputation, Usman took his own Instagram account where he requested his fans not to send offensive messages to the woman.