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Monday, April 15, 2024

Uzair Jan Baloch, Karachi’s most wanted man, confesses to have killed 198 persons

The JIT has prepared a 36-page report against the infamous gangster, Uzair Baloch. Mr. Baloch has confessed to have killed 198 persons including officials of police forces and Rangers and many others. Will his political masters be trialed and convicted?

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has prepared a 36-page report against the infamous gangster, Uzair Jan Baloch, which stated that he admitted to killing 198 persons including officials of police forces and Rangers and many others. Mr. Baloch was politically associated with some political parties in the past. It made him all the most wanted criminal in Karachi responsible for destroying the city’s peace.

Uzair Jan Baloch is an activist originally from Lyari in Karachi, Pakistan He is a key figurehead of Karachi’s notorious gang war in his hometown, Lyari. He is also the former chief of the Peoples Aman Committee, which was a militant group allegedly linked to a political party.

Uzair Jan Baloch sentenced to 12 years imprisonment

In the last month, prison authorities disclosed that a military court had sentenced Mr.Baloch  to 12 years rigorous imprisonment in April this year after convicting him of spying for foreign countries.

The senior superintendent of the Karachi Central Prison has disclosed this in his reply to a production order issued by the Anti-Terrorism Court-VI (ATC-VI), where Uzair Baloch is facing trial in cases pertaining to murder and other crimes.

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“The prisoner in question [Uzair] was convicted by the Lieutenant Colonel Commanding Officer 1st (Self Propelled) Medium Regiment Artillery on 04.04.2020 in Pakistan Army Act Section 59 (civil offences) read with Section 3 (penalties for spying) of the Official Secret Act and sentenced to suffer rigorous imprisonment for 12 years,” stated the letter dated June 13, 2020.

JIT’s latest report

The 36-page JIT report against Uzair Baloch, who is known as a symbol of fear in Karachi, acquired by private media outlets which made revelations of horrible facts regarding the criminal activities of one of the gang war leaders. The report would be publicized by the Sindh government on July 6 (Monday).

The investigators also listed names of Uzair Baloch’s family members, as well as exposed his accomplices who had carried out inhumane crimes including killings gang war opponents, policemen, Rangers officials and receiving extortion from citizens. The names of Habib Jan Baloch, Habib Hasan, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, also known as Lyari gang war commander, and dozens of others were also mentioned in the JIT report.

It emerged that Baloch had murdered almost all persons involved in the gang war or ethnic clashes, whereas, he used political influences to make appointments of several police officials of his own choice.

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The JIT report revealed that seven station house officers (SHOs) had been appointed in police stations on the basis of Baloch’s political influences in order to establish an organised network of criminals in Lyari. In 2019, Iqbal Bhatti had been appointed as Town Police Office (TPO) Lyari by Uzair Baloch, whereas, Muhammad Raisi had been given charge of Lyari administrator in the same year.

He was also found involved in killings of several police officials and Rangers personnel, as well as he purchased different genre of weaponry between 2008 and 2013. The notorious criminals linked with Lyari gang war were also involved in receiving extortion.

The report stated that the extortion money worth million was sent to a foreign country on a monthly basis despite Baloch fled from Pakistan during wide-scale operation initiated in Karachi. The JIT investigators also exposed the ownnership of illegal assets of Uzair Baloch in Pakistan and Dubai.

More than 20 accomplices of Uzair Baloch are listed in the JIT report which also mentioned a 16-member squad of the Lyari gang war criminal. In 2016, he had been arrested by security officials in Chuhar Jamali area of Thatta. After being arrested, Baloch had been challaned in seven cases and spent 10 months behind bars.

After the commencement of Karachi Operation, a key character of Lyari gang war, Ustad Taju, had fled to Dubai and later to Africa with the assistance of Baloch, whereas, he also confessed to send more than 10 gang war members to Iran and other countries.

The report said that former administrator of Lyari Town had paid Rs200,000 extortion money to Baloch in 2009, whereas, gang war criminals looted various shipment trucks on his directions. After selling the assets of the looted trucks, Uzair Baloch had been paid a portion of money up to Rs1.5 million each.

Regarding the arms supplies to the gang war criminals, the investigators uncovered the organised chain of illegal weapon suppliers as Uzair Baloch admitted purchases of weaponry from Lala Tawakkal and Salim Pathan. He told JIT members that he equipped gang war members with arms in 2009.

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After Rehman Dakait, Uzair Baloch started receiving extortion from fishing boat owners. He confessed to illegally get his birth certificate, identity card and passport from Iran which was assisted by a lady named Ayesha.

Earlier in the day, the Sindh government announced to make JIT reports public including the probe findings against Uzair Jan Baloch, Baldia Town inferno and Nisar Morai cases.