Video of Ishaq Dar heckled outside home in London goes viral

Citizens heckling and protesting outside the residences of PMLN leadership in London is frequently occurring. The leaders have faced embarrassment several times.

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A video of a woman heckling former finance minister, Ishaq Dar, in London made rounds on social media on Monday. The video shows a woman stopped and cussed Dar.

She also filmed the video of the scene. The viral video shows woman blasted Dar regarding the allegations of corruption and financial irregularities on him. The enraged woman asked how they plan to save former ousted premier, Nawaz Sharif.

She lambasted the PMLN leadership for evading legal cases in Pakistan and hiding in London. She further yelled that they may escape justice in the world but will surely be served with divine justice. To which Dar said he is not afraid.

A male family member, who seems most likely to be his son, confronted the lady. He asked her to leave and not to level unconfirmed accusations on anyone. He said that they are not hiding in London. Another member also jumped in the altercation and slammed the lady for heckling them outside their home daily. He even alleged the woman to be a paid troll who is allegedly being hired by Pakistan’s ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf, and security agencies of Pakistan to agonize them.


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Later on, the family walked inside but the woman remained outside their home and continued to cuss them for looting and plundering the money of Pakistan.

Citizens heckling and protesting outside the residences of PMLN leadership in London is frequently occurring. The leaders have faced embarrassment several times.

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Earlier last month, Dar, became a topic of discussion on social media after a short clip of his interview with BBC’s show ‘The Hard Talk’ went viral on Twitter.

Dar appeared on the show as a guest with BBC Anchor Stephen Sackur on his show Hardtalk. The PMLN leader had struggled to give satisfactory answers to the grilling questions asked to him by the host on the show, which caught the attention of social media.

Dar was at a loss for words when the host asked him about the number of properties he and his family own.

“It’s all declared in my tax returns,” Dar replied. The host insisted on him giving a clear and coherent answer and reiterated that he just wanted a simple answer to his question on how many properties he and his family had.

To which Dar said: “I have my main residence in Pakistan which has been taken over by this regime. My sole property is my residence”.

Dar had also denied the reports of Pakistani media claiming his multiple residences and properties in Pakistan and other countries.

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