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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Video of Sindh police torture on female Mujahid colony protestors sparks outrage

In the recent viral video, the Sindh police forces can be seen beating female protestors from Karachi's Mujahid Colony. The video has sparked outrage as political leaders condemn the incident.

The Sindh police are once again under intense fire for physically assaulting the protestors in Mujahid Colony. A video of the intense police torture is going viral on social media as political leaders and journalists condemn the brutal police action.

To clarify, an anti-encroachment operation is currently underway in Karachi’s Mujahid Colony. The anti-encroachment team of the KDA’s estate and enforcement department has so far demolished over 150 houses, drawing outcry from the locals.

The locals said that due to the sudden demolition drive, the government had evicted residents from their houses without prior notice and had not offered them an alternate place to live.

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They opposed the demolition of houses in Mujahid Colony and urged the Sindh government to stop forcibly evicting residents from their residences. Protests have also been going on against the demolitions.

Sindh Police torture condemned

In the recent viral video, the Sindh police forces can be seen beating female protestors from Mujahid Colony with sticks. The video has sparked concern as the civic community demands PPP provincial government look into the matter and stop the torture.

“I strongly condemn the brutal torture of Pashtun women and the arrest of 5 women by the Sindh Police in Nazimabad Mujahid Colony, Karachi. Zardari mafia police attacked the houses of Pashtuns early in the morning. Bilawal Bhutto, show some shame,” PTI leader and former NA Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri said.

“The brutality with which the police in Karachi attacked women protesting against the demolition of their homes in Mujahid Colony is shameful. I raised this issue in the NA. Hope the Sindh govt will take notice. Subjecting peaceful protesters to violence is never acceptable,” MNA Mohsin Dawar said.

MQM leader Altaf Hussain also released a video statement where he condemned the torture.

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“Violence against women protesting peacefully against the demolition of Mujahid Colony is the brutality of the government and the state,” Altaf Hussain said.