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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vikas Bahl calls #MeToo campaigners, opportunists

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Filmmaker Vikas Bahl has been in the news ever since four women including a former Phantom Films employee accused him of sexual misconduct. Due to all sexual harassment allegations leveled against him, he has been shown the door by the movie makers and is restrained from any further associations with projects – ’83’ and ‘Super 30’.

In fact, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who was one of the four partners at Phantom Films, accepted that he knew of the sexual abuse allegations against Phantom Films co-owner Vikas Bahl, leveled by a former employee of his company and said ‘he’s deeply sorry about it’.

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Amidst the raging #MeToo campaign against him, Vikas, who was till now quite, sent two separate yet similar legal notices to Anurag Kashyap and Phantom Films co-partner Vikramaditya Motwane via an email.

A Mumbai Mirror report stated that Vikas has accused his former co-workers of Phantom Films of orchestrating the whole campaign against him and using this opportunity to disperse the production house and make him responsible for the fall.

The notice, issued by Advocate Shamsher Garud of Jayakar and Partners, stated that Kashyap bribed another employee of the production house to make similar allegations against Bahl. “This makes us wonder whether the alleged incident of sexual assault also has any authenticity, given that the alleged victim was, in fact, working as your own employee.”

Bahl also labeled Kashyap and Motwane an opportunist for doing all of this for their personal agenda. The notice further read, “You are neither a witness nor the alleged victim, but instead an opportunist seeking to derive benefit based on unsubstantiated information. The alleged incident has not been established in any court of law and that you have exploited the media to propagate your own personal vendetta.”

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The notice also stated that putting the blame of Phantom’s dissolution on him is in ‘bad taste.’ It also strictly states that if the two don’t remove their messages on social media and tender an unconditional apology to Bahl, a civil and/ or criminal defamation would be filed against Kashyap and Motwane.