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Friday, May 17, 2024

Vinay Pathak is open to work with Pakistani filmmakers

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Indian actor Vinay Pathak in his latest interview with a Pakistani publication appreciated the efforts of Pakistan International Film Festival said that both the countries need more such platforms for cultural exchange. He also appreciated his Pakistani hosts for giving him tremendous hospitality during his stay in the country.

“I think for the exchange of cinema, music, and literature, festivals like this should happen more often.”

“Everything is similar here, we’re the same people. No difference, emphatically. We speak the same language, listen to the same music, eat the same food, and play the same cricket. We need to find a way to be in each other’s lives more as it’s going to enrich us. People from both sides of the border are willing. So we should find ways to do exchanges and travel.”

He was on his visit to Pakistan to attend Pakistan International Film Festival. Pathak in his interview appreciated the movie ‘Cake’ that features Sanam Saeed and Amina Sheikh. He said, the movie was distinct from the commercial theme and addressed issues that break societal norms not just in Pakistan but India as well.

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“I loved it! It was so refreshing and honestly speaking, I was pleasantly shocked and surprised. It’s a film which breaks so many norms and stereotypes, not just in Pakistan but in Indian films as well,” Pathak stated.

“You see such an evolved disposition of your story with the characters. You’re not judging your characters based on what they do and say. The performances and music were brilliant. And each and every actor was there; they believed in that world they created.”

When asked if he is open to working with Pakistani producers, he said he will definitely work with them if he finds a script compelling.

“Of course, why not? I met some producers and studio people and they asked the same question. I told them, ‘Lure me with your script and I’ll be your bunny’.” On a parting note, Pathak said, “Thank you, Pakistan. Thank you for being so amazing!”