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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Visually impaired Khansa Maria to pursue scholarship at Oxford University

Blind Disability Rights activist, Khansa Maria wins a scholarship for post-graduate studies. Social media users praised her determination in making her country proud despite facing challenges.

Visually impaired Pakistani girl, Khansa Maria, receives a scholarship for a post-graduate degree at the Oxford University. She has bagged Rhodes Trust Scholarship 2021 to pursue her degree in evidence-based policy intervention and social evaluation.

Khansa acknowledges that she faced difficulties in acquiring education in Pakistan due to physical challenges but doing something extraordinary for people like her is a mission close to her heart. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in foreign service with a special focus on culture and politics.

“I do have a disability, I am blind, and I firsthand experienced the impacts of not having an inclusive society,” Maria said, adding that she wants to do something constructive for society.

“I do have a certain responsibility towards my community to improve things to the extent that I can, or at least lend my skills or my experience in a way that benefits people like me in Pakistan,” she observed.

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She realizes the difficulties faced by people with physical challenges hence she has been passionately working to make society inclusive for this segment of the population.

She has spoken at several conferences and events exhorting about the benefits of an inclusive society along with campaigning for their basic human rights.

Khansa Maria has been receiving immense appreciation and encouragement ever since she went viral on social media. Social media users praised her determination in making her country proud. They commented that it is through her unwavering determination that she has been able to brave all the circumstances in her life and is heading towards a prosperous future.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tourism, Human Development, and Overseas Pakistanis, Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari also appreciated Khansa Maria in his tweet.

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“A proof that your problems are only as big as you make them. Congratulations Khansa, the entire country is proud!,” said Bukhari in a tweet.