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Friday, May 17, 2024

Vote of Confidence: PM Imran Khan recommends book ‘The Great Arab Conquest’

PM Imran Khan advises the young Pakistani population to read a book called The Great Arab Conquest as the book gives details on how Islam spread through fair play and justice.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has recommended the youth of Pakistan to read the book The Great Arab Conquest in his speech at the National Assembly on Saturday after winning the vote of confidence.

PM Imran Khan believes that The Great Arab Conquest by Hugh Kennedy will guide the youth on how Muslims achieved success and spread themselves across the world during their glorious time. PM Imran Khan said that the book will tell youth how Holy Prophet PBUH established himself with the basic values of piety, fair play, equity, and justice. The book is also the amalgamation of war tactics, passion, discipline, diversity, and management demonstrated by the Muslim leadership.

Meanwhile, he again talked about his motive to rebuild Pakistan and informed people briefly of his plans for the country. He encouraged youth to live life with moral values. He stressed that he will not compromise on his principles and will not negotiate with the opposition members despite threats of losing his government.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has secured the vote of confidence. Interestingly, he was elected in 2018 with 176 votes, he has won the vote of confidence with 178 votes in 2021. President Dr. Arif Alvi had summoned the National Assembly to meet today at 12:15 pm for this purpose.

Imran Khan is the second Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan who is going to the National Assembly for a ‘voluntary’ vote of confidence.

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Since Saturday morning, social media plunged into a frenzy as the political temperature rose in Federal Capital with opposition members and government supporters having a violent face-off outside parliament. Some unpleasant scenes of PTI workers and PMLN leaders engaging in a fight were captured in videos that went viral on social media. While a show was thrown at Ahsan Iqbal, Rohail Asghar was caught foul-mouthing PM Imran Khan in a video.