Wang Yi, Qureshi discuss Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke to State Councillor Wang Yi on call. He shared the Pakistani efforts in safe evacuations and hoped for deeper future relations with China.

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On 18th August, Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke on a call with Chinese state councillor Wang Yi. The two leaders discussed Afghanistan’s changing environment. Fm Qureshi said that “We have supported the Afghan peace process & as part of Troika + both Pakistan and China made concrete contributions to peace efforts.”

He also said, “The protection, safety, security and rights of the Afghan people is paramount & an inclusive political settlement essential…Important for the international community to remain engaged in support of the Afghan people and to sustain economic engagement.”

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FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi shared that the security and rights of the Afghan people are paramount. Important for the international community to remain engaged in support of the Afghan people and to sustain economic engagement. Pakistan firmly believes in an all-inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan.

He asserted that the international community must not abandon the Afghan people and their country. Instead, they should continue international commitments and engage to uplift their economic security.
He also shared with State Councillor Wang Yi Pakistan’s unconditional efforts in facilitating safe evacuations of personnel and staff of diplomatic missions, international organizations, media and others from Afghanistan.
He said that as “iron brothers” Pakistan and China must deepen their relations even more and continue to “coordinate closely.”
Pakistan and China have sustained mutual respect in their bilateral relations for long. The flagship Belt and Road project is expected to expand towards Afghanistan once general peace and stability are maintained.
China has promising plans for peace and reconciliation projects in Kabul, given no terror activity is in action from the Taliban. China has also shared that it is more than willing to establish diplomatic relations with a tolerant government in Afghanistan.
Pakistan has been regularly meeting and connecting with China on important matters of national security for greater regional stability.

FM Qureshi visited China last month to reassure his counterpart that everything will be done to ensure Chinese civilian security.


This year marks 70 years of Pakistan-China bilateral relations. Pakistan is a leading country in the Eurasian alignment that China seeks for economic and regional integration. With rapid changes in Afghanistan, China understands the importance of Pakistan as an ally more than ever.


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