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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Want a sharp brain for lifetime? try superbrain yoga

Everyone is aware of the importance of exercise to improve their bodies but have we ever considered how to improve our brain?

Like every other muscle in body, our brain needs exercise too. Superbrain yoga is an unusual solution that doctors have started to approve as the solution to exercising your brain.

This simple exercise not only helps children and adults to develop a healthy brain, but also helps senior citizens to gain or regain brain wellness as well as delaying the onset of Alzeihmer’s.

Superbrain yoga also helps to deal with various mental disorders and to fight with stress and anxiety. For children suffering from ADHD it is recommended as helping them to control and focus their energy on task at hand.

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The exercise for superbrain will remind many of the days when they may have been told to play chicken in school. Bending over and holding ears with the opposite hands. It is interesting but inadvertently it helped to control those children who had excess energy and were fluking around in class. Those of us undergoing that humiliation now have the advantage that we were simultaneously strengthening our brains.

Steps how you do it:
  1. Cross your right hand over your upper body and grab your left earlobe with your right thumb and forefinger. Your thumb should be on the front of your ear.
    2. Keeping your right arm in place, do the same thing with your left hand, reaching across your body to grasp your right earlobe. Your right arm should be closet to your chest.
    3. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and squat to the ground.

The results of superbrain yoga are proven by empirically collected research data analyzed by many known professionals. It is so simple that anyone, by investing five minutes a day, can have a sharp mind for his or lifetime.