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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Waqar Satti Trends on Twitter

Waqar Satti has been under fire for inciting hatred toward Imran Khan using religion.

It is well known that Waqar Satti despises Imran Khan and has made numerous attempts to make his hatred appear justified. Political disagreements are one thing, but harboring such hatred and prejudice that one uses religion to smear Imran Khan’s reputation is quite another.

Waqar Satti says in his most recent video that he despises Imran Khan. He continues by listing other “reasons” why he despises Imran Khan. The manipulation of religious feelings to try to agitate people against Imran Khan is the most notable aspect of this film.

In this video, Waqar Satti alleged that Imran Khan had disrespected religion and “claimed prophethood.” Imran Khan, according to many PTI backers, has spoken out against Islamophobia in numerous national venues.

Waqar Satti makes a number of unsubstantiated statements. He urges people to oppose Imran Khan on the grounds of their religious beliefs.

Within a few hours, #گستاخ_وقار_ستی_کوگرفتارکرو began to trend on Twitter as more and more people clamored for Satti’s arrest for utilizing religion to achieve his personal ambitions.


A video of Imran Khan was uploaded by another user. The Prophet (pbuh) “lives in our hearts,” according to Khan in the video. Khan continues by claiming that if anything is said negatively about the Prophet, “we,” the Muslims, suffer great harm. Khan urged the international community to honor Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Another twitter user posted a video with the caption “The guy who told the entire world that we are not terrorists and there is no radical Islam but only one Islam that preaches PEACE, has been declared terrorist in his own country.”

It goes without saying that leveraging religion for political or personal benefit in a nation like Pakistan may be quite dangerous, and Waqar Satti, as a “journalist,” should have exercised greater caution while publishing such a video on his twitter account.