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Monday, April 15, 2024

Warned about the demolition of Babri Mosque despite state assurances: Undercover Indian journalist

An Indian journalist recounted his experience of intruding into the group of Hindu volunteer who headed for the demolition of Babri mosque to fetch the intelligence about the incident despite assurances from the state.

An Indian journalist, Sanjay Kaw, now 51, had warned the Indian government of demolition of Babri Mosque by Kar Sevaks, 27-years ago.

Kaw in an interview with an international news agency added that he intruded into the group of Hindu volunteer or Kar Sevaks and learned about the conspiracy a few days before the attack on Dec 6, 1992.

He added that he risked his life to enter the group of Kar Sevaks leaving for Ayodhya to demolish the mosque. Kaw added that Hindu volunteers pry him extensively before accepting him in the group that was heading to demolish the mosque. Kaw said he acquired a letter from the New Delhi office of BJP to participate with the group.

He said he quelled the suspicion of the Kar Sevaks when he showed them the letter given to him by BJP and convinced them he was keen to construct a temple there. He fabricated the details of the origins showing himself as a Kashmiri Pundit and a student of the engineer.

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Kaw asserted that while staying with them in a tent in Faizabad, a few miles away from Ayodhaya, eavesdropped the Kar Sevaks planning the demolition of the mosque. He said they were suspicious of the news being leaked out to the journalists staying in the nearby hotel.

He, however, added that the government of India was assured that no violation of mosque will take place after then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kalyan Singh had submitted a written undertaking to the Supreme Court of India ensuring them of peace and harmony in the area.

He said the state institutions and then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao were at ease after Kalyan Singh’s promise of maintaining law and order in the city.

While narrating his adventure of spending days with the Kar Sevaks, he informed that he took part in the training with Kar Sevaks who even taught him how to use a knife. He also added that Kar Sevaks after setting up tents started demolishing the graves nearby mosques adding that he helped them through debris in the nearby pond.

He admitted he was extremely petrified with the activities of the Kar Sevaks and took an exit from the group on the pretext to get more groups of Kar Sevaks from New Delhi. He said he left the group just a few days before the incident to apprise the world that the historic Babri mosque would be razed.

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He said that he fled to never to return to Ayodhya. In a response to a question, he asserted that he felt sad and happy simultaneously after the incident; he was happy because his story turned out to be true and nobody believed him due to the assurance by the state government and felt sad on humanitarian grounds.

He said that he wrote down his authentic experience in the newspaper The Statesman he worked with.