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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Was Imam-ul-Haq manipulating multiple women?

Imam-ul-Haq came under fire on social media as multiple women came forward and revealed leaked screenshots of conversations.

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Pakistan Cricket Board has refused to comment on the controversy involving the cricketer Imam-ul-Haq. The cricket board called it a personal matter and refused to comment on the controversy that emerged on social media yesterday.

Recently, a social media user alleged that the cricketer was dating 7-8 girls at the same time. The social media user accused him of cheating and manipulating multiple girls, promising them to marry them first, but later turning them down. The girl then leaked the images of Haq’s conversations.

One of the victim girls had used the hashtag ‘Me Too’ while calling out cricketer Imam-ul-Haq, giving out the perception that they were harassed by him.

On Wednesday, Twitter users posted several screenshots of his Whatsapp and Instagram conversation with the girls.

“So apparently Mr. @ImamUlHaq12 was dating 7 to 8 (that we know of) women and kept using them and manipulating them. He kept telling them the whole time how he’s single,” said the Twitter user, who remained anonymous, and leaked the screenshots on Twitter.

The girl claimed that Haq was dating at least three women during their tour to South Africa and in January and February this year. “None of the 3 girls knew about each other,” she said.

Several other girls on social media came forth and raised similar allegations against the cricketer. One of the girls stated that she met Imam-ul-Haq thrice when he was in South Africa.

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Another girl asserted that Imam-ul-Haq even demanded indecent pictures from her, ensuring her that he was single and would marry her. “Being a victim to this myself. I can say, yes, it is cheating. But in what way is cheating on someone okay, that too, with multiple partners,” wrote one of the girls.


Social media has been polarized on the issue; some defended Imam-ul-Haq while others slammed him for cheating and hurting the sentiments of the girls. One of the victim girls had used the hashtag ‘Me Too’ while calling out cricketer Imam-ul-Haq, giving out the perception that they were harassed by him.

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The social media users rejected the assertions and Imam-ul-Haq’s conduct despite manipulating multiple women cannot be classified as sexual harassment since he did not coerce those girls to send him their indecent pictures; in fact, the images suggest the conversation between him and the girls was consensual. Some have commented that it is a malicious propaganda to demean Imam-ul-Haq and ruin his career.