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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Was India lobby behind the seizure of PIA’s passenger plane in Malaysia?

Malaysian authorities held back the PIA plane on Jan 15 due to a British court case over the jet’s lease. The plane, however, returned to Pakistan on Friday.

Federal Minister for Avia­tion Ghulam Sarwar Khan claimed on Monday that there was Indian lobby’s conspiracy behind the seizure of the Pakistan Inter­national Airlines (PIA) passenger plane in Malaysia last month.

Malaysian authorities held back the PIA plane on Jan 15 due to a British court case over the jet’s lease. The plane, however, returned to Pakistan on Friday.

Answering questions of reporters in Taxila, the minister accused the previous Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government of acquiring planes for PIA from a foreign firm at higher than the market value. He said the previous government’s adviser on aviation, Shujaat Azeem, allegedly tried to grab kickbacks in the lease deal of the plane. Mr Azeem, he added, was “controlled” by some Indians.

He said the lease of the said plane expired in July last year and the government had decided not to extend it.

It is important to recall that the Indian lobby has been targeting Pakistan through false media campaigns. Recently, he ‘Indian Chronicles’ campaign was launched on EUdisinfo’s official website. The disinformation campaign exposes how India has been carrying out fifth-generation warfare against Pakistan for 15 years.

The operation was launched by the Shrivastra Group and amplified by the ANI group, which began in 2005.

The extensive report covers vast propaganda machinery, which leaves investigators startled multiple times within the report.

Alexandre Alaphilippe, executive director of EUdisinfolab, astonishingly said “It is the largest network we have exposed.”

The campaign reveals the desperate lengths India went to, in order to undermine Pakistan Internationally.

The investigation further showed how even the world’s largest and first world organization, United Nations Human Rights, for 15 years, played into the hands of a group of coordinated NGOs that worked for Indian interests. Even European Politicians were used to create institutions that worked against Pakistan.

The EUdisinfolab dedicated the report to the late Professor Louis B. Sohn, considered as the “grandfather of international human rights law in the United States.” The report stated that his name had been hijacked by malicious actors depicted in the report.

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The network was so large that the report reads, “Members of our team all share a common trait: an eye for the fake and a drive to uncover it. But never before in our investigations have we been so astonished at the multiplication of layers of fake. Indian Chronicles resurrected dead media, dead think-tanks, and NGOs. It even resurrected dead people.”

The investigation revealed that more than 750 fake news oulets have been operating in 119 countries, working solely for Indian Interests.

The malicious mission for the 15-year propaganda was to discredit Pakistan and improve India’s image, internationally.