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Monday, July 15, 2024

Was Punjab Home Minister fired by Imran Khan?

Colonel (retd) Hashim Dogar's resignation comes ahead of the much-awaited call for PTI's long march towards Islamabad.

After Colonel (retd) Hashim Dogar announced his resignation as Punjab’s Home Minister, speculations ran high that PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan may not be happy with his performance and asked for his resignation.

In a major development, Colonel (retd) Hashim Dogar on Tuesday resigned as Punjab’s Minister for Home and Prisons. The PTI leader said that he did not want to continue working as the interior minister in Punjab.

According to the details, Hashim Dogar gave his hand-written resignation letter to Punjab’s Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi citing inevitable circumstances and personal reasons for quitting the coveted ministry.

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“I have resigned from my post due to personal reasons,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that he will continue to work as a PTI worker.


Imran Khan unhappy with Hashim Dogar?

Shortly after his announcement, it was speculated that the Punjab Home Minister was possibly fired by Imran Khan. Important to note that the resignation comes ahead of the PTI’s long march toward Islamabad, and a few days back, Hashim Dogar had said in an interview that the Punjab government will not use the state machinery for PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s long march as it was a “political issue”; however, he assured to provide security.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi said that the Punjab government will follow Khan’s instructions on PTI’s long march and see how the situation evolves.

As a result, it is being reported that Hashim Dogar’s refusal to let the Punjab government play an active role in the long march was not taken kindly by Imran Khan. Moreover, it is also being reported that since Punjab is being ruled by a PTI-led government, the party’s leadership expected Hashim Dogar to give a tough time to the PML-N and punish those police officials who resorted to “worst torture” on PTI workers during the May 25 long march.

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Furthermore, it was also reported by journalists that Imran Khan’s followers were being prepared against the Armed forces, but Hashim Dogar, being a military man, refused the plan.

As speculations run rampant and inside sources claim that the Punjab Home Minister was indeed fired, Hashim Dogar took to Twitter to reject the reports and asserted that he only resigned due to personal reasons.

“This is completely wrong news. Imran Khan is my leader and always will be. The chairman never ordered such a thing. I have resigned for caste reasons and will always remain loyal to Khan,” Hashim Dogar said.