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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Wasim Akram asks people to become civilized, stop aerial firing

What prompted Wasim Akram to educate masses on aerial firing?

Former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram requests people to stop doing the celebratory aerial firing. In his latest video posted on his Twitter account, the cricketer asked the people to evolve and understand the dangers of aerial firing.

He urged people to adopt healthy ways to celebrate but stop doing aerial firing since it can be fatal to other people. On the eve of New Year in Pakistan, the sky echoed with the sounds of aerial firing in different cities of Pakistan.

The cricketer said that the bullet that goes up in the air can hit someone as well when it comes down. Akram lamented that people are stuck in the old and traditional ways of celebrations when in fact nation should evolve and adapt civilized ways to celebrations.

“Hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve last night. Please listen to my message carefully, if we want better for our country then we need to all work together to make a change!,” wrote Wasim Akram in a Twitter post.

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Social media users appreciated Wasim Akram for raising an important issue and agree with him. “One Pakistani cricketer I am in awe of – no political statements and talks sense all the time,” said a Twitter user while appreciating him.

“Simple and nothing to challenge. That’s what we need to do,” said another Twitter user while appreciating his message.

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In another tweet, Wasim Akram said, “Well the only thing that has passed here is one child in Karachi, and 20 more were critically injured by stray bullets and this will keep happening. So Please tell me what the smiley faces are for?!”

An unfortunate incident was reported in Karachi when a child lost his life after being hit by a stray bullet during the aerial firing on New Year’s eve.