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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

WATCH: Fashion show to promote local fashion organized in Saudi Arabia

A fashion show was organized in Saudi Arabia for local designers to showcase their work. The international fashion show named Jimmy Fashion held on August 25th in Riyadh.

Eighteen designers showcased their work at the fashion show attended by local and international guests. Saudi designers expressed excitement over the ease of the restrictions on arranging such shows. Designers said that they had to travel abroad to highlight their work.

“It wasn’t easy to achieve what we have achieved; we went through a lot of different phases [to get to where we are today]. Today, everyone will get to know us, hear us, see our fashion, how creative we are, and that we can make Saudi brands,” said Saudi designer Amal Ahmad.

“I was wishing for this to happen for years. I started in 2003, and honestly there were difficulties; we had to travel abroad to prove ourselves. It’s a beautiful thing that now we have this [show] in Saudi,” Saudi Designer Najla al-Mansour, said.

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Jimmy Fashion Show was initiated by a local Saudi designer Jamal Ashour in a bid to promote the local fashion industry of Saudi Arabia.

“Jimmy International Fashion Show supports all designers with the spirit of bonding to get to an international level and achieve something that satisfies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Ashour said.

The current government in Saudi Arabia has eased restrictions on some forms of public entertainment in the country. Previously, concerts by Bollywood stars were also organized. Saudi Arabia has also eased restrictions on women driving and gender segregation. The society is moving away from hard-core Islamic norms.

Saudi Arabia is opening up its society and easing restrictions on social practices that were once considered taboo in the kingdom. Social changes are unfolding fast under the leadership of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.