Watch: MQM-P leader gets schooled by public

MQM-P, a key ally of the PTI-led coalition government, formally announced that it was joining the Opposition ahead of the no-confidence motion against PM Khan. Needless to say, the public has not taken kindly to MQM-P's decision.

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As MQM-P turned its back on the PTI government, it is facing a tough time from the public. Regarding this, a video of an MQM-P leader getting slammed by the public is going viral on social media.

According to details, some citizens confronted MQM-P’s Kanwar Naveed Jameel at Islamabad International Airport. The men said they supported MQM-P, however, the party let them down. They gathered around him and chanted slogans against him. During the confrontation, the men called the MQM-P leader “turncoats”. They also accused him of betraying Pakistan and accepting bribes from the Opposition.

On the other hand, the MQM-P leader retorted by saying everyone is working on their own agendas. After trading barbs, Kanwar Naveed Jameel kept on walking.

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Reacting to the incident, MQM-P leader Faisal Sabzwari claimed that the people who hooted and surrounded Kanwar Naveed were PTI workers.

“PTI workers encircled MQM-P Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed Jameel and tried to engage in a brawl with him,” the senator said in a statement on Twitter.

The MQM-P leader said after the incident, his party contacted the leadership of PTI to sort out the matter.

“I respect the party workers’ spirit, but it is the party’s responsibility to keep their supporters calm,” said the senator.

Wednesday, MQM-P, a key ally of PTI-led coalition government, formally announced that it was joining the Opposition ahead of the no-confidence motion against PM Khan.

MQM-P’s announcement was made by party convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui at a press conference in Islamabad alongside leaders of the joint opposition. Before the announcement, federal ministers from MQM-P Farogh Naseem and Aminul Haque announced their resignation.

Public backlash for deserting PTI

Important to note, MQM-P’s decision to side with the Opposition has turned the tides against PM Khan. To clarify, the Opposition needed 172 MNAs to win a majority in the no-confidence motion. According to reports, after MQM-P, the number is now 176.

Needless to say, the public has not taken kindly to politicians deserting PM Khan. While MQM-P faces public backlash, another similar incident had earlier occurred with MNA Noor Alam Khan.

Since Noor Alam Khan was one of the dissident PTI MNAs who broke ranks from PTI and moved to the Sindh House, PTI leaders and activists were charged against him.

A video of PTI activists confronting Noor Alam Khan went viral on social media. Furthermore, Noor Alam Khan also claimed that he received death threats.

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