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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Watch: Muslim student gives Indian professor a dressing-down for calling him ‘terrorist’

The video has gone viral on social media as netizens condemn the remarks made by the professor. The student is also winning praise for giving a befitting response.

In news from India, a video of a Muslim student hitting back at his professor for comparing him with a terrorist after learning about his Islamic name has gone viral.

According to the details, the incident took place at the Manipal Institute of Technology in Udupi. In the viral video, the professor had reportedly asked the student his name, and on hearing a Muslim name, had blurted: “Oh, you are like Kasab!”

To clarify, Ajmal Kasab, was a lone terrorist captured alive after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

The student, however, did not take the matter lightly and confronted the professor for being Islamophobic.

“How can you pass such statements?” the student is heard asking the professor.

The professor, apparently taken aback due to the call out, tells him that he said it in a “funny manner”.

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“26/11 is not funny, being Muslim and facing such things in this country is not funny,” the student responds to him, after which the professor apologizes telling him that he is equal to his son.

The student asks him if he will also treat his son in the same manner.

“Will you treat your son like this? Will you label him as a terrorist, in front of everyone in the class? Sorry alone will not help, sir. It doesn’t change how you portray yourself here,” the Muslim boy said.

The video has gone viral on social media as netizens condemn the remarks made by the professor while praising the student for standing up.

Muslims in India are facing a tough time as they become increasingly marginalized and are often subjected to violence. Under Indian Prime Minister Modi’s rule, hate speech and unruly violent acts have reached their extremes which have flashed protests and condemnations not only within the country but worldwide.