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Thursday, February 15, 2024

WATCH: PIA celebrates Christmas with in-flight passengers

The heartfelt gesture of PIA to honor the religious minorities of Pakistan garnered immense praise on social media.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) celebrated Christmas with in-flight passengers. The national carrier shared the video of the Santa Clause distributing gifts and chocolates among the passengers on Twitter.

A crew member dressed as the Santa Clause was seen roaming in the flight and distributed chocolates and small gifts among the children and other passengers. While sharing the video, PIA said: “Festivities are in the Air!!! Bringing Joy & Happiness to the Young and the Young at Heart. PIA Celebrates Christmas onboard as a surprise gift to our guests, with our very own Santa!! Happy Christmas to everyone celebrating.”

The heartfelt gesture of PIA to honor the religious minorities of Pakistan garnered immense praise on social media. The national carrier is not only working towards maintaining better public relations but also towards improving its quality and service as well.

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In an achievement, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently cleared a safety audit conducted by International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) validation committee.

This is a welcoming development as it will increase the chances of the European Union (EU) lifting its ban on PIA. With the ICAO clearance, the Significant Safety Concerns (SSC) will also ease out.

According to reports, an ICAO audit team visited Pakistan to undertake a safety audit of the aviation authority. It presented its report to its validation committee which cleared the safety audit. However, ICAO will publicly release its final report after a few weeks.

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In response, Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) held a meeting of the Senate Sub-Committee on Aviation to discuss reforms. Senator Saleem Mandviwalla convened the meeting. MNA Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Senator Afnanullah Khan, Senator Aon Abbas, the aviation secretary, Mr. Murtaza also attended.

“The ICAO has informed the PCAA that the safety audit conducted by its team recently was presented before its validation committee, which cleared it after which the SSC will be removed and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency will lift the ban,” CAA Director General Khaqan Murtaza revealed at the meeting.

However, CAA DG also PIA cannot resume EU flight operations until the PCAA receives the approval.