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Friday, June 28, 2024

WATCH: Senator Faisal Vawda prostrates in the premises of Supreme Court

Chief Justice Isa wasn't happy about the contempt of court case against him. He said it started because of a single comment and that he doesn't like these kinds of cases in general.

Senator Faisal Vawda prostrated in the premises of the Supreme Court after the apex court dismissed the case of contempt against him.

Supreme Court accepted the unconditional apology of MNA Mustafa Kamal and Senator Faisal Vawda. The court withdrew show-cause notices against them. However, they warned that future similar statements would not be tolerated with unconditional apology.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Qazi Faez Isa, during the hearing, remarked on the importance of mutual respect between the judiciary and Parliament. “While we respect Parliament, we expect at least some respect for the judiciary as an institution,” CJ stated.

Vawda expressed his gratitude, however, he expressed distress over being called ‘proxy’.

Chief Justice Isa wasn’t happy about the contempt of court case against him. He said it started because of a single comment and that he doesn’t like these kinds of cases in general.

Another judge recommended the case against him, but even though he got threats, he didn’t try to punish anyone himself.

The Attorney General brought up a different case during the court session – a politician criticizing the top judges. The Attorney General wouldn’t repeat the criticism because the court hearing was being broadcast live.


In the end, Chief Justice Isa again said he was against these contempt cases, and the court officially ended both his case and the case against the politician.

Both politicians had delivered strong press conferences against the judiciary. On June 26th, 2024, Senator Faisal Vawda submitted an apology to the SC of Pakistan in a contempt of court case. During the hearing, CPJ Esa asked Senator Vawda, “Have you also apologised?”

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Vawda stated, “Following the court proceedings on June 5, I met with religious scholars to understand the role of a senator. I was advised to stand by justice, even if it is against my own kin.”