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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Watch this short video: Do elections bring democracy?

Most of us people that if you hold elections you automatically get democracy – but is this true?

Introducing the ancient Athenian principle of drawing by lot is the solution to growing discontentment with modern politics, according to Belgian political theorist David Van Reybrouck.

The system of modern democracy in which members of parliament are elected by the public doesn’t meet the needs of modern society, which is increasingly disillusioned with mainstream politicians, according to Belgian political theorist David Van Reybrouck.

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The concept of “populism” has become a popular comparison with many in the media and politics in the US and Europe who want a convenient description for the surprising results of recent elections there.

For example, the recent election of Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton sent shockwaves across the political and media establishment, most of whom had backed Hillary Clinton.

According to Van Reybrouck, a government determined by a randomly selected decision makers would be less corrupt and involve citizens in the democratic process, thus increasing trust in political structures.