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Sunday, May 19, 2024

“We should trust the Taliban”: PM addresses the nation on govt’s 3-yr performance

On his address to the nation on Thursday, PM Khan urged the world to trust Taliban leadership and work towards Afghanistan peace. He spoke about the challenges Pakistan had been facing due to corruption by elites and highlighted the need to remains resilient in these testing times.

On a ceremony at Islamabad’s Convention Center which lauded at the PTI ‘s three year performance, PM addresses the nation and urged the world to trust the Taliban leadership and give them a chance. He added that we should help Afghanistan to achieve peace after 40 years of conflict which has scarred the nation’s social and political fabric.

Time for world to help Afghanistan achieve peace

“It is time now that the world help Afghanistan achieve peace. The Taliban are trying to reach an inclusive political settlement and they are speaking of peace, so we should help them,” PM addresses the nation at a ceremony at Islamabad’s Convention Centre to unveil PTI’s performance over the last three years.

He also reiterated the statement he had been making on Afghanistan for years; “there is no military solution for Afghanistan”. He claimed that the costs of military engagement had been immense for the US. Also, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region has suffered drastically because of volatile Afghan situation for years. Thus, Pakistan’s stance is on advocating a peaceful settlement and has no favorites in Afghanistan. He negates the false news that Taliban won with the help of Pakistan.

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Challenges Pakistan is facing

The PM addresses the nation that the last three years were spent with “great difficulty” after having inherited a bankrupt country left behind by past rulers.

“Our reserves were [low], our liabilities [high]. We had no money to pay back our debtors. We were not going to default, we were in the process of defaulting, because we had no foreign exchange.”

He also spoke of other challenges: the coronavirus crisis, the rising cases of rape in the country, economic crunch and challenges on foreign policy front. He spoke about the need to develop latent power in foreign relations and vowed to make Pakistan become self-sufficient. He added that it was really “embarrassing” to go and ask countries for loans but he was reduced to do so owing to Pakistan’s economic situation.

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PM expresses confidence in power of youth

PM addresses the nation that the educated youth are the torchbearers of our country. thus, significant human investment is vital to ensure that the youth make use of its potential

The prime minister shed light on the importance of the youth recognising that our prayer to God to put us on the path of blessings, not of ruin, is the path of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

“If we want to be great, God has already laid out the path for us.”

Addressing the youth, he said: “Don’t ever think that life is easy. If it is easy, that means you have no standing.”

“Whoever stands on the true path, has to face difficulties. All of Allah’s messengers faced troubles. And that is the path we believe in.

“But people want an easy way out and at the same time seek the path of blessings […] you must never cry over such times.

“If you understand and analyse such things properly, you will see that the tough path is the path to your success,” he said.

The premier added: “No one has achieved success without failing. It is impossible for someone to just land on his feet.”

“No one has become a leader with shortcuts. Look at the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam. If there is one leader I believe in, it is him.

“The way he struggled, especially towards in end, during his illness. He did not do it for his personal gain, he did so for a greater purpose. And this is why people will continue to laud him.”

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Need for character building

PM Imran Khan by referring to Minar-e Pakistan harassment case highlighted that there is a need to develop character building among the youth. they should be taught to respect women and education plays a fundamental role. He spoke about the Federal government’s efforts on Single National Curriculum (SNC) which aims to eliminate differences and unite people towards a common goal. Also, SNC will help to streamline three diverse education mediums such as Madrassa, public and private institutions.

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We are proud of Pakistan Army

“I thank God, we have the kind of armed forces that we do. When [India] bombarded us in the middle of the night, I realised then that if we did not have the kind of army that we rely on so much, what would we do before such a powerful opponent?” PM adds as he addresses the nation in the ceremony celebrating his government’s three years progress.

“And this mafia that gave speeches against our army […] I too have spoken out against the army in the past […] everyone makes mistakes, but the aim is not to malign them.

“They are after the army because they want them to topple the government. You call yourselves a democratic government and seek the removal of a democratic government?” he said, in criticism of India.

“The Indian lobby is trying its best to malign the Pak Army […] and this has been going on for a while,” said the premier.

He said that it is due to the confidence that the country has in the Pakistan Army, that it was able to boldly tell the Modi government that if they tried anything, Pakistan will provide a befitting response.

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