Weapons recovered from vehicle of PTI worker – Fake or real?

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz shared an image of heavy weaponry allegedly found in the vehicle of PTI member Zubair Niazi.

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The situation is tense in Islamabad as PTI and its supporters head toward the capital for the Azadi March. There are fears that the long march will turn violent as chances are high of a clash between PTI supporters and the government forces.

Earlier, reports emerged of weapons being recovered from PTI leaders. PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz tweeted the news while criticizing PTI’s long march. She shared an image of heavy weaponry allegedly found from PTI members Zubair Niazi and Bajash Niazi.

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“Weapons recovered by Punjab Lahore police from vehicles of PTI Lahore office bearers Zubair Niazi and Bajash Niazi. Case registered. This is the ugly face of the so-called long march. These are the intentions,” Maryam Nawaz tweeted.

According to the PML-N leader, six 223 bore guns, 13 SMG rifles, 3 pistols and many boxes of bullets were recovered.

However, it turns out the news is fake as Zubair Niazi, who is PTI’s general secretary in Lahore, rejected the claims. He released a video statement where he debased the claims made by Maryam Nawaz.

Zubair Niazi, while rejecting the news said, the guns were picked from the weaponry shop they own and they have all the relevant documentation. He also said no weapons were found from either his home or his vehicle.

Twitteratis troll Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz, who often comes under heavy fire for spreading incorrect reports, once again became the target of criticism on social media.

“Keep spreading lies. This is Zubair Niazi who is preparing to come to Islamabad with his caravan in Lahore. Your bloody Interior Minister Rana Sana and his personal police officers know the actions of all. All the information is that you people have also planned unrest through banned organizations,” Farrukh Habib, former Minister of State tweeted.

One of Pakistan’s leading journalists Imran Riaz Khan also criticized Maryam Nawaz. He also the weapons were picked directly from the dealers.

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“They [PML-N] have not learned any lesson. I know a lot about weapons. This is a weapon picked up from dealers. Action is being taken on this occasion. I will reveal the dealer and his handlers when I get back to Lahore. Only a few dealers in Lahore trade in these types of weapons illegally with the help of the police,” Imran Riaz tweeted.

Meanwhile, Twitteratis also pointed out that Maryam Nawaz’s claim of Bajash Niazi being a PTI member is also false. According to Twitter users, Bajash Niazi, whose family owns Niazi Express, is affiliated with PML-N.