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Thursday, July 18, 2024

What are the Types of IP Addresses ?

Many internet users don’t think about how the internet functions. The internet is a complex web of connections between various servers, routers, and PCs, where they generally work together for seamless correspondence between them.

To provide a solution, some computer scientists/researchers thought of a system to offer addresses to devices that connected to the internet – providing each a unique address. 

The unique address is given by IP (Internet Protocol) at the network’s layer.

4 Types of IP Addresses

Now to the types of IP addresses. There are fundamentally four kinds of IP addresses. They include: private, public, static, and dynamic.

Among them, the private and public addresses depend on where their networks are located. The private IP address is often used inside a network. The public IP address is utilized outside of a network.

Below are full explanations for each of the types of IP addresses:

  • Private IP address

This is a unique IP number appointed to each gadget that associates with the internet network in your home. The private IP address works with gadgets like tablets, PCs, cell phones, which are utilized in your household.

This unique number may also be used with a wide range of Bluetooth gadgets used in your household – similar to printers as well as smart gadgets like your TV. As the IoT ( internet of things) industry is now rising, the quantity of private IP you may have in your household may also increase. 

  • Public IP address

With this type of IP address, one essential address is associated with your entire network. For a public IP address, every gadget connected will share the same IP address.

  • Static IP address

This IP address doesn’t change and it cannot be changed. Interestingly, a unique IP address will be relegated by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, which is likely to change. Even though this type of IP address does not change, it tends to be adjusted as a feature of routine network service.

These addresses are often predictable. They are doled out once and remain the same for a long period. Also, a static IP address helps you obtain a ton of data from a gadget.

  • Dynamic IP address

Here is an IP address that often changes. The dynamic IP addresses are impermanent and are dispensed to a gadget each time it is connected to the web. The IPs can follow their origin point to an assortment of IP addresses, especially the ones shared across numerous PCs.

This type of IP address is one of the most significant as it’s dynamic for a particular measure of time – from that point onward, it will be expired.


As an IP (Internet Protocol) address helps you indicate the technical format when it comes to addressing and parcels schemes, it comes in different kinds. You are most likely to be using a private IP address if a unique IP address is assigned to each of the devices connected to the internet in your household. Finally, you now know the type of IP address you are using. No need to ask what is my ip address.