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Thursday, March 23, 2023

What Imran Khan critics need to know about the VoNC against UK’s PM

Critics of Imran Khan are comparing the two votes of no confidence and advising him to learn a lesson or two from Boris Johnson. 

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Earlier, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a vote of no-confidence from his party lawmakers. However, Boris Johnson survived with a majority backing of 59% of his lawmakers.

The vote of no confidence against Boris Johnson came following the Partygate scandal. Boris Johnson has been linked to a series of parties that took place as the UK was on lockdown and such gatherings were not allowed to be happening.

As a result, Boris Johnson came under heavy fire for failed leadership and he continued to face opposition from politicians and the public. However, he won the backing of 211 MPs.

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Interestingly, social media users are recalling the events of the dramatic no-trust motion against former Pakistani PM Imran Khan. In fact, his critics are comparing the two votes of no confidence and advising Imran Khan to learn a lesson or two from Boris Johnson.

Vote of no confidence: Imran Khan vs. Boris Johnson

“Where Imran Khan lost, Boris Johnson won vote of confidence…for Supreme Court of Pakistan, 148 members of Boris own party voted against him yet their vote is counted – where Supreme Court could not respect the difference of opinion Britain led as a champion of democracy,” said Kamran Shahid, one of Pakistan’s leading journalists.

The former PTI government moved a presidential reference to the Supreme Court under Article 143/1 of the constitution – seeking a radical interpretation of the defection clause in the constitution, Article 63A, apparently to deter members of the ruling party from voting for the motion against party direction.

Meanwhile, Zahid Hussain, author, advised Imran Khan to take lessons from the British democracy.

“He [Boris Johnson] is not blaming foreign conspiracy. Imran Khan often praises British democracy. He should learn some lessons from it. It’s internal party revolt within the Tory ranks,” Zahid Hussain tweeted.

Former Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari hit back at Zahid Hussain for equating US regime change with UK’s vote of no confidence.

“Is Zahid Hussain really that ill-informed or deliberately spreading disinfo by trying to equate US regime change conspiracy with local abettors including Opposition that moved VoNC against PTI government with UK Conservative party moving VoNC against their own party PM? His venom against PTI has made him crazy!” Shireen Mazari tweeted.

Important to note that there is a huge difference between the vote of no confidence faced by Boris Johnson and Imran Khan. In Boris Johnson’s case, only the members of his party casted votes since it was triggered after 15% of his party’s MPs said they had no confidence in Johnson. Had Boris lost, then a new prime minister would have been elected but from his own ruling party. It was intra-party voting for a change in leadership. On the other hand, the Opposition brought a vote of no confidence against Imran Khan when he was the prime minister. After its success, the Opposition came into rule.

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