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What is Pashtun Tahafuz Movement and what are its objectives?

Pashtun Tahafuz
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Thousands of Pasthuns gathered at Ring Road, near Pishtakhara, Peshawar to participate in a rally organized by the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement’s (PTM). The leader of the PTM Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen, 26 years old Pashtun, demanded equal rights for the people of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). They have asked authorities to present the missing individuals before the courts, end curfews in Waziristan and arrest all those who are a part of Pashtun genocide.  

He also mentioned that after Rao Anwar, former SSP who killed a Pasthun youth in a staged encounter, it’s the turn of Ihsan Ullah Ihsan, the former spokesperson of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), to be brought before the court. Manzoor also said that the real culprit of Pashtuns’ genocide is General Pervaiz Musharaf who must be brought back to face the trail.

The state of Pakistan firstly needs to understand that at the moment this is not a movement of agents but a youthquake in FATA that needs attention and immediate actions, not negligence or suppression which might backfire yet again.

He further clarified that the PTM was a movement by the Pasthuns and he (Manzoor) is ‘an agent of his nation’. It is pertinent to mention here that the PTM rally did not get the attention of mainstream electronic media in Pakistan. Young Pasthuns across the Pakistan criticized the role of electronic media and demanded to be treated as equal Pakistanis. It is also important to understand what the PTM is, how it get organized and what are its objectives?

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What is Pashtun Tahafuz Movement?

The PTM was not known before a sit-in in Islamabad where the people of South Waziristan gathered to protest against the extrajudicial killing of a youth Nqeebullah Mehsud who was a shopkeeper and an aspiring model. Rao Anwar, former SSP, staged an encounter to kill the young man in Karachi.

PTM comprises of disaffected pashtuns. The PTM is a nonviolent movement led by a young Pashtun, Manzoor Pashteen, against alleged enforced disappearances, extra-judicial arrests and killings, as well as the mistreatment of the Pakhtun community by security forces.

It is claimed by the leaders of the movement that in past decade more than 32, 000 Pasthuns have gone missing from FATA alone. The forced disappearances, claim the PTM leaders, are against the constitution of Pakistan. And if the ‘missing persons’ are criminals, asks Manzoor, they must be brought before the courts and punished according to the constitution of Pakistan.

The leader of the PTM Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen, 26 years old Pashtun, demanded equal rights for the people of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

As the PTM could not get the attention of the mainstream electronic media, the young Pashtuns mobilized their fellows on Social Media. The campaign has been extremely successful to bring Pashtuns out at rally in Peshawar.  

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Foreign Agents or a Youthquake?

Literature of the dynamics of politics of ethnicity reveals that the state of Pakistan has been in troubled waters while dealing with ethnically motivated movements. The problem at the very outset has been because of the state’s highly centralized policies and a political desire to unify people under one banner without uplifting their socioeconomic status. The Bengalis stood up against the central authority after they realized that they were being exploited and denied their political rights.

It created a sense of ‘internal colonialism’ and emerged into an organized movement for a separate country. Scholars argue that when smaller groups in a society are marginalized or exploited and denied equal rights they start revolting against the state. Initially, movements remain largely domestic but with the passage of time they start getting foreign aid as well. PTM is a movement of young Pashtuns against the exploitation, marginalization and alleged genocide of a community.

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The people of FATA are demanding their democratic rights. The state of Pakistan firstly needs to understand the movement needs attention and immediate actions, not negligence or suppression which might backfire yet again. However questions are raised whether there is some funding behind PTM as such movements are expensive. The state’s failure to pacify the charged Pashtun youth may give opportunities to Pakistan’s enemies to intervene and urge these Pakistanis to go against the state.

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  1. Lol… everybody agrees that FATA must be merged with KpK but who is opposing this idea ? Pashtuns are opposing it or is it a Punjabi who’s opposing it ? Why Manzoor Pashteen said that the APS attack was a false flag operation by government & military ? How can one respect such a guy ? Down with him !

    • Spot on … He is a rented revolutionary projected by the none other than international mainstream media aka fake news media.

  2. Indian and Afgjani funded organization..
    Pakhtons are patriotic and love Pakistan from core of their hearts.. May Allah safe us from another Fitna

    • Do u have any evidence ? Does he ask for anything against the constitution of Pakistan?
      Those who takes a cash of 33 billions from US in cash or patriotic and those seeking equal rights are anti state. Wah wah to your logic
      Ghadari ka bashan apney pass rako

  3. It’s not an external conspiracy towards the state nor it’s a war for separation. It’s a movement for the realization of pukhtoon and Pukhtoon culture across the more “westerinized” areas of Pak and a stop to the killings,
    disappearances, human rights violation, ethnic discrimination and most importantly the exploitation of pukhtoon society’s peculiar socio-religious infrastructure by the army and the religious entities.

  4. As this movement is clearly and openly against the Pak Army’s operations to route terrorism , it is , surely , a foreign funded movement …. And it may be a baby of PTT as they have demanded something about Ahsanullah Ahsan – chief spokesman of PTT .

  5. Very well said writer thumbs up, Government should address all the issues of pakhtuns rather then blaming them as agents. They are also Pakistani and want constitution in their area.

  6. While the demands are prima facie correct , the sponsors are not. This is to catch people on genuine demand and turn it into a foreign agenda narrative

  7. PTM and MQM are of same kind and type. I find no difference in both. So PTM be dealt as MQM and their so called leadership like Altaf Hussain. They must not play in the hands of their Indian masters. Munafiqeen is the only term for them.

  8. I do not see any deprivation of pashtoons in any field of life in Pakistan. They are well fed, well provided, are in all walks of life, they are doing well in commerce, in trade in industry, in education, in politics , in govet jobs, in entertainment, in defence, in transport, they developed our nuclear bomb, in fact Pakistan depends on them. So stop this bulshit propaganda.

    • Guys, I just want to say that if the demands of PTM are real, despite its sponsors being allegedly Indian/Afghani or American ,they must be addressed as they can cause trouble for all of the Pakistani’s.Just like we saw disintegration of Pakistan in 1971


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