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Saturday, February 24, 2024

What is VPN and Why Do We Need It?


Due to the increased cyberattacks nowadays, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding VPNs. Although this technology might sound intimidating for beginners, it makes your internet device more secure. Companies like Surfshark offer user-friendly solutions that cater to both individuals and large businesses. In this guidepost, you’ll learn what exactly a VPN is and what it does on your computer or smartphone.

What is a VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) is a software that masks your internet device’s actual IP address, allowing users to enjoy more secure and anonymous browsing. It encrypts the data sent from your device before routing it via secure networks to servers in foreign countries. Simply put, a VPN hides your online identity from government agencies, hackers, corporations, etc. 

Reasons to Use a VPN Service

Now without wasting time, let’s discuss some convincing reasons why you need a VPN service:

Reason #1: Securely Use a Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are commonplace these days as businesses compete to offer improved customer experience. These internet networks can prove convenient, as you can browse for free anytime. But public Wi-Fi, especially unencrypted ones, is a hotbed for cybercriminals. This internet network attracts all strangers, making your information vulnerable. For this reason, using a VPN to mask your identity while using a public network is a no-brainer.

Reason #2: Data Privacy 

Hackers are less likely to target your home Wi-Fi or mobile data, although anything can happen. However, your internet service provider can still access all your browsing information. Some dubious companies can collect this data and sell it to advertisers. Some apps, such as Facebook and Instagram, can also use this data to recommend friends and groups. So, if you want to prevent apps and ISP from viewing your data, a VPN service will help. Besides VPN, you can also use Incogni to help request data brokers to delete your personal information from company servers and take control of your data privacy. 


Reason #3: Accessing Blocked Content

Not all websites are available in your country. For example, Netflix is unavailable in countries like China and North Korea despite viewers from more than 190 countries streaming the service. Another movie-streaming service that may not be available in your country is Hulu, which is only licensed in the US. But with a VPN, you can access all these services and many more, regardless of where you are. A VPN will give you a convenient workaround to online content restrictions. 

Reason #4: Effective Digital Marketing

Geo-blocking is a challenge facing digital marketers these days. When marketing your content online, you might encounter geofences that limit access to richer and more populated markets. For example, on YouTube and Facebook, you cannot access some countries like Mainland China and Iran. But this doesn’t mean there are no YouTube or Facebook users in these countries. Instead, use a VPN service to access the services. 


As you can see, a VPN service has many critical uses. But avoid using free VPN services as hackers can easily because hackers can easily breach the security encryptions. Good luck!