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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

What skins are popular in CS 2 in 2024

In the world of CS:GO (CS2), visual elements play an important role, especially skins. These unique weapon decorations not only add a personal touch to your in-game arsenal, but also show the player’s status in the community. Since 2023, many new and impressive skins have appeared that have won the hearts of gamers. Let’s dive into this fascinating world of skins in CS:GO (CS2) and look at the most popular and best of them.

AK-47/The Empress

This skin is inspired by the Empress Tarot card. The weapon’s design focuses on an image of a blonde girl wearing a crown, surrounded by patterns reminiscent of sun rays. The stock, fore-end and grip are painted in various shades of blue, creating harmonious and smooth color transitions. The store is painted red and features geometric designs in blue, black, white and yellow, giving it a structured and stylish look that highlights the skin’s central theme.

This skin is considered one of the most beautiful, and its price starts from 2,700 rubles.

AWP/Hyper Beast

This AWP sniper rifle skin in CS:GO stands out with its impressive design, combining bright colors and abstract shapes. The body of the rifle depicts a fantastic creature in a psychedelic color scheme. The richness of shades includes bright greens, rich reds, fiery oranges and mysterious blues. The barrel and rear stock are left unpainted, creating a unique contrast and making this skin not only a gaming tool, but a true digital work of art. This skin looks great, and its price starts at 15,250 rubles.

Desert Eagle/Printstream

This skin for the Desert Eagle pistol has a unique and stylish design. The white color of the slide contrasts with the dark gray elements of the weapon, while the pictograms and “XXXY” lettering give it a dynamic look. The handle is decorated with fine details, and pearlescent stripes add accents, turning the Desert Eagle / Printstream into a true work of art in the world of virtual battles. The price for this skin starts from 13,100 rubles.


This skin debuted in the gaming space on July 1, 2022 and is classified as a “hidden type” skin. It is exclusively available with a built-in StatTrak meter.

This unique pistol features a white slide adorned with numerous pictograms and “XXXY” lettering. The remaining parts of the weapon are made in black. The handle is decorated with subtle inscriptions and pictograms, and mother-of-pearl stripes are visible on various parts of the pistol. The price starts from ₽15650.

USP-S/Kill Confirmed

This skin is one of the most notable in the game. The red-burgundy body depicts a skull with fangs, shot through the temple. Various gray shades of the skull and fragments of the temporal bones add realism to the image. The bolt and silencer of the pistol depict the moment of flight of a bullet, accompanied by a gunshot trail. The composition is complemented by multiple bloody splashes and bone fragments.

In our opinion, this is one of the most impressive skins that remains in the memory for a long time. Its price starts from ₽20,100.


This skin embodies comic book style, combining elegance and mystical design. On the body of the rifle there are two girls depicted, framed by a black outline.

The color scheme of the picture includes black, pink, purple and blue shades. The weapon’s barrel and sight are painted white with a gray geometric texture. Against this background, black, pink and blue stripes create a dynamic and stylish accent.

AWP / Neo-Noir stands out not only for its design, but also for its aesthetic perception. In the world of skins for CS: GO, this skin is not just a weapon, but a real work of art. The cost starts from ₽8650, which makes it one of the most purchased skins in the game due to its affordable price.

USP-S/The Traitor

“The Traitor” USP-S skin transports players into a world of mystery and mysticism, inspired by the Hanged Man tarot card. On the bright red background of the pistol there is a tree from which a snow-white figure of a man hangs upside down. Also eye-catching is the yellow snake that wraps itself around the trunk and branch of a tree, showing off its open mouth. This element adds symbolism and a mystical aura to the skin.

The number XII on the body of the pistol directly refers to the card number in the Tarot deck, enhancing the magical atmosphere. The muffler is decorated with a red-blue gradient, complemented by images of tree branches and floral patterns.

This skin is considered one of the best and quite affordable among players, with a price starting at 20,000 rubles.

AK-47/Ice Coaled

The Ice Coaled AK-47 skin stands out with its unique abstract design. The receiver is decorated with a gradient pattern, where green and blue shades create an impressive harmony. The upper part of the handguard is highlighted in light green and is complemented by a black dot pattern, which adds structure and uniqueness.

The rest of the rifle’s body is painted a rich black, creating a stylish contrast. Abstract geometric pictograms and a combination of 09 numbers placed on the forend, receiver and buttstock add visual interest and make the skin recognizable. Small turquoise stripes on the magazine make this skin stand out from others.

The price starts from 3,600 rubles, making it a popular choice among players.


This AK-47 skin features a modern and futuristic design. The main color of the case is white, against which a dynamic geometric pattern consisting of black and orange stripes stands out. Such details give the weapon energy and style.

The design of the skin is complemented by various graphic elements, such as crosses and geometric shapes, which are harmoniously distributed throughout the body of the machine.

The AK-47 / Asiimov skin belongs to the Secret quality category, which makes it rare and valuable among CS:GO players . The version with a built-in StatTrak counter allows you to track the number of kills, which makes it even more attractive.

This skin is part of the Asiimov collection, which increases its value and status. The price starts from ₽62575.

AK-47 / Legion of Anubis

Inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology, this skin is one of the most unique. The body of the machine gun is decorated with a complex and detailed pattern, including images of the gods Ra and Anubis, as well as a variety of ancient Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs. This design creates an atmosphere of mystery and grandeur of an ancient civilization.

The figure of a pharaoh is engraved on the handle of the skin, emphasizing the connection with the powerful rulers of Egypt. The stock is decorated with the image of a mummy’s head with a glowing red eye. The pattern is made in the blue and gold color scheme characteristic of ancient Egyptian art.

AK-47 / Legion of Anubis belongs to the “Secret” quality, which emphasizes its rarity and uniqueness among skins. The version with StatTrak counter allows you to track your achievements in battles, making the skin even more personalized and valuable.