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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Which Do You Think is Best Smartphone in the World? World Thinks its iPhone

Apple just dethroned Samsung as the best selling smartphone in the world. Apple had been slacking behind Samsung for quite some time due to high prices but its new cheaper variants brought the company at the top spot at the end of the year.

The race for the crown of the technological world is growing faster. Smartphones have revolutionized how we live in this world. The fight for the top spot in the smartphone production is majorly between two parties, Apple and Samsung.

Every year the crown keeps changing the head, with Samsung in the lead one time and Apple the other. Apple was the top smartphone seller in the final quarter of 2019, dethroning Samsung, according to market experts.

Apple’s newest smartphones, iPhone 11 series, broke all records of Apple sales and company shipped almost 73.8 million iPhones during 2019’s last months. According to the data gathered by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the latest iPhones were most popular in the US and Europe, however, iPhone’s lower priced variants made it big in the other parts of the world.

Apple was slacking behind Samsung for quite some time because of high prices of its flagship smartphones but “the company is recovering after a bad patch, with more demand of cheaper iPhone 11 and a better market for them in Asia and North America”, Neil Mawson of Strategic Analytics, said while showcasing his survey’s findings, that also found Apple to be on top.

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South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, came in second after delivering some 69.4 million handsets, IDC figures told. Huawei has turned out to be a major competitor in the field, but its smartphones have taken a hit in the world market, mainly, Western Europe, after the US imposed sanctions on the company following allegations of espionage, IDC’s analyst Melissa Chau elaborated.

“Things will continue to look challenging for Huawei given that the trade war with the US has still not been resolved, while a new uncertainty in the shape of Corona Virus in the Wuhan region, could potentially have severe effects on not just Huawei, but all players relying on the China smartphone supply chain” Chau added.

IDC reported that Huawei saw a decline in the sales of its smartphones during the last quarter of 2019, where its sale dipped down seven percent from the last year and the company managed to ship only 56.2 million units.

Huawei bad patch has not yet ended with the US authorities and these sanctions prevent the Chinese tech giant from acquiring the key components and Operating System for its smartphones due to the sanctions imposed by the US, IHS Markit senior analyst Anna Ahrens said while talking of Huawei’s multifaceted plight.

In the market that craves for the Google operating system, Android, Huawei is not performing well due to the lack of Google services. This has made it hard to sell the phone to the consumers, considering that Huawei’s premium phones, Mate series, is squarely priced in the premium segment, Ahrens added.

Samsung remained at top for the other part of the year and even now, the market is set to see a boost when 5G technology is rolled out and new smartphones supporting the technology will be in demand.

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For almost all of the past year, smartphones sales were down 1 percent despite an improvement trend that the market saw in the last quarter of the year, both surveys from IDC and Strategy Analytics pointed.

IDC reported shipments of 368 million handsets in 2019 compared with 373 million a year earlier, marking a third consecutive yearly decline.