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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Who has Nawaz Sharif blamed for current state of Pakistan?

While talking to journalists in London, Nawaz Sharif said “a cruel joke had been played on Pakistan for the sake of personal gains”.

PML-N Supreme leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has blamed the former COAS Gen (retd) Bajwa and former DG ISI Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed for the political and economical problems currently facing Pakistan.

While talking to journalists in London, Nawaz Sharif said “a cruel joke had been played on Pakistan… for the sake of personal gains”.

“In my Gujranwala jalsa, I stated who was responsible and everything was out in the open. It is my responsibility to tell the nation about the wrongs committed against the people, and it is my responsibility to make things right,” Nawaz Sharif said.

Pertinent to mention that in 2020, Nawaz Sharif addressed PDM’s first power show in Gujranwala via video link from London and launched a fresh attack on the security establishment and blamed the army and ISI chiefs for allegedly plotting his ouster from power in 2018. In Gujranwala’s speech, Nawaz Sharif had for the first time named the former army chief and DG ISI.

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He questioned who made the state above a state and who was responsible for the two governments in this country, among other things, going on to name ex-COAS Bajwa. He also named former DG ISI Faiz Hameed as being behind everything.

Amid this backdrop, the former premier was asked if he held former army chief retired Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and former spymaster Gen Faiz Hameed responsible for the state of the country.

“Yes, everyone knows. The reality is before everyone. Now no name or face is hidden. Pakistan was used for personal gain. It was a cruel joke played on the nation,” Nawaz Sharif answered.

Nawaz Sharif’s remarks come after the PML-N faced a major political defeat in Punjab following Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi’s victory in a vote of confidence shortly before the dissolution of the provincial assembly.

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