Why Bilawal’s trip to US is clear as mud?

As Bilawal Bhutto Zardari departs for his seven-day visit to the US at a critical time when the AJK elections are knocking the door, his visit is taken with a grain of salt in media and news stories. Is there any truth in them or are the pro and anti-PPP elements are probing for no reason?

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As Bilawal embarks on his trip to the US, curiosity is brimming among the government and social media. According to media sources, Bilawal Bhutto told his party members that he is on a “private visit” to the US. As Murad Ali Shah was already in the US, this has fuelled speculations about two prime PPP members in the US at a time when the Biden administration is reviewing its South Asia strategy.

It is refutable that the US is concerned about the fate of Afghanistan after its withdrawal and desires Pakistan’s proactive role in arranging a power-sharing deal between the Kabul government and the Afghan Taliban. As Pakistan has offered its unwavering support, it has categorically reiterated that it has neither been asked nor is in favor of offering bases to the US.

Gill claims Bilawal is eyeing a back-door deal with Washington

In this regard, both anti and pro-party PPP rhetoric is trying to connect Bilawal Bhutto’s visit to the US to the Biden administration’s concerns on the Afghanistan situation.

PM Special Assistant on Political Communication, Dr. Shehbaz Gill has triggered the speculation that Bilawal is trying to strike a “backdoor deal” with the US while ignoring the PPP claim that he is on a personal visit. He further iterated that Bilawal “going to take his CV (curriculum vitae) to Washington in a bid to get a job” and after reaching America, Bilawal will urge [the US government] to help him come into power, saying he is ready to do whatever they ask of him”.

However, the PTI-Led government will not let his plans succeed and will not let such a deal be struck. By taking a leaf out of history he reminded the media that during the tenure of Former President (retired) Gen Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan saw the repercussions of 13 drone attacks, and 340 attacks were witnessed during PPP’s regime.

Gill further purported that former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice helped former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and Gen Musharraf strike a deal to allow drone attacks on Pakistan. Thus, he lashed that the PPP accused Musharraf of giving bases to the US while their record remains dark.

These apprehensions are baseless, lashes PPP

In response to the premier’s aide statements, PPP accused the “puppet government” of being apprehensive about Bhutto’s visit for no reason. Furthermore, when asked by Dr. Moeed Pirzada, political commentator and anchor at News 92 to PPP Deputy Information Secretary Sassi Palejo on Hard Talk Pakistan about Bilawal’s visit to US time when General elections are knocking on the door at AJK, she answered that the PTI government’s worries and curiosity are baseless.

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She iterated that since other prominent members including Faryal Talpur, Asifa Bhutto Zardari are taking responsibility for AJK elections campaigning, the hype created by media about Bilawal’s “personal visit” to the US is groundless.

Bilawal runs away from AJK elections, Mariam will follow suit says, Fawad Chaudhry

Additionally, Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting deems Bilawal’s visit to the US as escaping the AJK election campaign and soon Mariam Nawaz will follow suit. He backs his claim that PPP does not have candidates and in total only eight constituencies in Kashmir have PPP candidates.

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Due to this, the PPP has faced a crippling defeat and this is the reason for Bilawal’s escape from the election campaign in the middle. Furthermore, he claimed that PML-N is creating hype and opposing narrative of rigging in AJK general elections because there isn’t much chance of their success in them.