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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why does opposition want to remove Chairman Senate?

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Several opposition parties are now on the same page to remove the current Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani, and the reason isn’t immediately apparent. In last Multi-party conference, the opposition leadership decided to bring in new Chairman Senate and say goodbye to Mr. Sanjrani. The government, on the other hand, along with its allies has decided to support the Chairman Senate.

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But why is opposition interested to change the Chairman Senate who is not harmful to them. In a talk-show at 92 Channel on the eve of Friday Dr. Shahbaz Gill, spokesperson for Chief Minister Punjab, said categorically that the opposition cannot remove the current Chairman. “Several lawmakers from the PML-N have approached the CM Punjab and the prime minister.

They are no longer interested to work under the leadership of Maryam and Shahbaz,” he said. Dr. Gill also pointed out that some members from Punjab wanted to create a forward block within the PML-N and sought the help of the Chief Minister who, according to Gill, has turned down their request.

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Analyst and senior anchorperson, Imran Khan, maintained that the joint opposition has the required numbers and can easily remove the Chairman Senate. “I do not think that senator change their parties so frequently. Unlike MNAs and MPAs these senators are those having long-lasting party affiliations and are considered to be reliable all feather friends,” he argued. Mr. Khan disagreed with Dr. Gill and said that the senators are generally rich people and cannot be treated as electable. Therefore, he said, it is difficult that the government can manage to have more numbers in the Senate of Pakistan.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada, prominent anchorperson and analyst, pointed out that apparently the opposition is interested to show off its political power in Senate therefore it wishes to remove the Chairman Senate. The opposition is under pressure due to ongoing accountability derive and this show of political power may help them get some relief.

It is also widely held perception that Asif Ali Zardari, co-Chairman PPP did the establishment’s bidding and ditched the then ruling party PML-N during the Senate elections. But now Zardari has realized that it was a political blunder to help the establishment get its Chairman elected. Zardari is trying to convey a message to the establishment by removing the Chairman Senate that the alliance is no longer valid.

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Political commentators believe if there is no deal between the opposition and establishment, there are reasonable chances that the Chairman Senate shall be removed. The purpose is to demonstrate political power and give a message to the establishment that Zardari and his aides are no longer on good terms with them.