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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Why Global South should not support the Nazis White Supremacist War in Ukraine?

While western media tries to gloss over these facts, the Ukrainian military’s racism and white supremacist attitude was exposed when foreign students from South Asia and Africa fleeing the conflict were subjected to beatings and racial abuse by the military and police.

While the newly installed government in Pakistan bickers with millions of its people that ‘there was no US-instigated coup to replace Imran Khan,’ Prime Minister Shariff’s government has inadvertently provided evidence that Washington is clearly exerting its hold on the country’s policies. Pakistan’s Finance Minister speaking on CNN admitted the government was ready to buy discounted Russian oil if there were no threats of US sanctions. The threat of sanctions hangs over countries not ready to support the US-instigated war in Ukraine, at the same time they are being subjected to a vicious anti-Russia campaign perpetuated through NATO-controlled mainstream media, vilifying Russian athletes, Russian Ballet, Russian literature, and media outlets.

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Muslims around the world should be able to recognize this campaign of vilification that victimised them for decades portraying them as “terrorists” and Islam as an “evil ideology” to such an extent that today white supremacist group ‘Sian’isbrazenly burning the Koran in the streets of Norway while its government condones the act.

Understanding the matter better

The marginalisation of Muslims through a media campaign of islamophobia is now perpetuating Russophobia and President Putin according to President Biden’s warped logic is a “pure thug” and a “brutal dictator” who has invaded Ukraine.

According to former CIA and State Department veteran, Larry Johnson speaking to Journalist Eva Bartlett on US’s hybrid war in Ukraine states, “I have never seen this level of propaganda and deliberate suppression of alternative views by the corporate-controlled media without regard for truth.”  This level of propaganda was highlighted by an NBC News report which outlined how the Biden administration is planting reports in the media basedon “intelligence” about Russia’s plans in Ukraine that are “based more on analysis than hard evidence”, or even are just “plain false.”

In a bid to gather support for Ukraine, reports of Russian so called “atrocities” became so absurd, from ‘dead bodies found in Bucha’ with white bands on their arms (a sign they support Russia) to an 11-year boy raped by Russian soldiers while his mother was made to watch. The Ukrainian commissioner for human rights was recently fired for making such claims, and for probably taking the verified incident which did take place in Iraq’s Abu Garaib prison where US soldiers raped boys and made their mothers watch.

The disinformation campaign is being fought on many levels, from blaming Russia for inflation and high energy costs to Russia’s so-called ‘atrocities committed on the innocent Ukrainians,’ through not only CNN and BBC but also Al Jazeera which claims to be representing the alternative viewpoint. The furor created by the media against Russia is the same furor that the media created about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, leading to a war that killed millions and created a sea of refugees.

What the media and US UK and European governments are covering up as they attempt to drum up support from South Asia and African countries, is that supporting Ukraine means supporting Nazis groups like Azov who are die-hard white supremacists embedded in the Ukrainian military.

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Azov isa neo-Nazis paramilitary group led by white supremacist leader Andriy Biletsky who is now an important member of the Ukrainian Parliament. The group is actively involved in recruiting neo-Nazis and white supremacists from around the world to not only join its war against Russia but also kick out Muslims, Jews, and Roma, basically the ‘darker races.’

According to a report by Journalist Alex Rubinstein in an article on Grayzone, he states that a document by US Customs and Border Patrol released in May highlights the authority’s concern about “racially motivated violent extremists (RMVE) and White supremacists (WS)” returning after fighting alongside Azov groups in Ukraine. Rubinstein argues that “Ukrainian nationalist groups including the Azov Movement are actively recruiting racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist white supremacists” from US UK and Europe. Rubinstein argues this recruitment of white supremacists to join the Azov branch of volunteers taking place under the watch of the US government. White supremacist groups in Western countries appear to have found common cause with their counterparts in Ukraine and are gathering there to train under Azov.

While western media tries to gloss over these facts, the Ukrainian military’s racism and white supremacist attitude was exposed when foreign students from South Asia and Africa fleeing the conflict were subjected to beatings and racial abuse by the military and police. Angel, a Malayali student, sent a tearful video in which she said she and her friends were beaten while police tried to ram their cars into them, not caring who they hurt. The crimes of the neo-Nazi voluntary battalions which includes mass graves are widely documented by the United Nations on Human Rights and Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, in order to deflect attention away from far-right groups in Ukraine who are busy dipping bullets in pork fat to kill Chechen Muslims, the West continues its campaign to isolate Russia through international bodies set up to support the US ruled based order.

This involves wheeling in the ineffective UN, whose track record involves an inability to stop wars and the carnage taking place in Palestine, Kashmir, and Yemen where hundreds of children are dying everyday of hunger through an imposed blockade.

A recent UN report states the WTO has warned that “Russia’s war in Ukraine has created “immense human suffering,” but is also damaging global trade, with disruptions to food supplies causing “potentially dire consequences” for poor countries.

By blaming Russia, the report ignores the US’s damaging role in diminishing supply chains, starting from President Trump’s trade war with China, to the Covid Pandemic lockdowns, economic issues further exasperated through US imposing sanctions on Russia, hindering its energy supplies to Europe. The blame game continues with US’s Foreign Policy Magazine in a report titled ‘Afghanistan’s hungry will pay the price for Putin’s war’ the report ignores the fact that the US would not release billions in assets belonging to Afghan central bank and stopped shipments of cash to the nation, worsening hunger, and poverty.

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With the US facing its own supply chain issues, unemployment, poverty, and homelessness, where mothers are having difficulty to get baby formula; the US Senate still argue their priority is to send an additional forty billion dollars of aid to Ukraine to keep military aid flowing while the government “grapples with the Russian invasion.” The fact this forty billion is going to white supremacist groups who advocate racial violence, is not a problem it appears, just as long as they fight Russians.

The conflict in Ukraine is a result of a long-term plan outlined by a think tank linked to the US military that to counter the growing power and influence of Russia and China, first Russia must be weakened.

In a 2019 RAND report ‘Overextending and Unbalancing Russia’ various proposals are presented,the main one being to make the entire territory bordering Russia a base where attacks against Russia can be conducted, so that bombers, fighters, nuclear weapons, and anti-missile installations can conveniently target Russian installations, which explains why Finland and Sweden are now being considered for NATO membership.

The way forward

The fact that Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine was provoked, by NATO establishing an enormous number of military bases and biological warfare labs around its border while-conducting frequent military exercises is not mentioned by the western media.

It should come as no surprise that the West is working with Nazis groups, after all didn’t President Obama’s administration align themselves with Al Qaeda affiliated groups like the “head-chopping” Al Nusra to carry out regime change in Syria? The same Al Qaeda that according to the US carried out 9/11, the same Al Qaeda that President Bush went to fight in an endless war on terror and in the process destabilized and destroyed six Muslim countries killing millions and millions displaced living in camps.

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Apart from US aligning with white supremacist Nazi groups to destabilise Russia, one factor however is different where Ukraine is concerned, which Global Southnations should note. Unlike the refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq Syria, and Libya, who are dying in camps from disease and dirt, while their women and children are being trafficked, the Ukrainians who are white and as one American reporter said “like us” are being welcomed into European countries with a promise of a passport, jobs, and accommodation.


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