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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Why #HayeAllah is trending on Twitter in Pakistan!

Thursday night #HayeAllah [Oh God] began trending on Twitter in Pakistan, leaving many confused.

PTI’s political struggle continues as its Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan holds a series of rallies across the country to mobilize his supporters ahead of the general elections next year.

Thursday night #HayeAllah [Oh God] began trending on Twitter in Pakistan, leaving many confused. Turns out, #HayeAllah became the top Twitter trend in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s speech during his Sargodha rally.

While addressing a public gathering in Sargodha, Imran Khan lashed out at his political rivals. He said that the Sharif family had purchased the London flat from the stolen money from the national exchequer. He added that the corrupt politicians used to launder stolen money and Pakistanis needed to struggle for real independence from such corrupt personalities.

During his speech, an audio clip of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif – who has been accused of owning properties through illegal means – was played where she rejected having any properties in Pakistan and said they were in England.

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In the audio clip, Maryam Nawaz, while rejecting the properties, sounded angry. After the clip was finished playing, Imran Khan mocked Maryam Nawaz.

“Haye Allah, where did the properties come from? Someone put me in Ehsaas Program,” Imran Khan said while mimicking Maryam Nawaz and mocking her denial of the properties.

“Maryam Bibi, I have never seen anyone lie with a straight face the way you do,” Imran Khan added. Lambasting the incumbent government, the PTI chairman said that come what may, he would never accept these “thieves.”


Imran Khan – Pakistan’s most popular leader

Needless to say, Imran Khan’s “Haye Allah” has gone viral on social media. This shows the immense popularity and public support Imran Khan enjoys that a simple word he used became the top trend in Pakistan.

“Already told you guys that Khan Sahab has become a ‘brand’, his sayings and vision are being followed by each and every person of this society. He just used the word “Haye Allah” and it is trending,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Some people dream of defeating the man whose words trend globally in a minute. This is proof of the immense love of the nation for its leader that each and every word spoken by him go down into the hearts of the nation,” another netizen wrote.

From his cricket days to his political career, Imran Khan has always been a popular personality. However, ever since his forceful ouster due to the controversial no-confidence motion, his popularity among the public has racked up. People actually travel long distances just to hear his speeches at rallies.

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