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Monday, April 15, 2024

Why is #IndianArmyExposed trending in Pakistan

#IndianArmyExposed goes trending as Pakistan's attempt to combat 5th generation warfare by sharing tweets filled with poignant opinions.

Twitter page that promotes as “5th generation warriors” calls for its followers to make the #IndianArmyExposed trending. The followers comply with multiple tweets filled with poignant opinions. However, is the response valid or just another temporary surge of patriotism?

The Twitter handle ‘ٹیم دفاع پاکستان‘ (Team of Pakistan’s defenders) on 27th, May, asked its followers to get the #IndianArmyExposed trending to “Expose the immoral and inhumane treatment of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian army has fallen not only from moral values but also from human values.”


Many complied, and soon it was among the top trends in Pakistan. The initial tweet also shared some screenshots (from sketchy sources like youtube videos) to justify their claim. The screenshots contained opinions from discontent Indian officers complaining against how the army operates.

One blamed the army for providing poor food, while one alleged that the Indian army only hired women for the sexual pleasure of men, and another blamed them for discrimination. No other source was provided than just the screenshots.

It is ironic that a page that claims to be “5th generation warriors” would try and promote such blatant propaganda. But is it indeed just propaganda? and if it is, is it justified?
The Indian army has had recent accusations of making some somewhat shady moves, such as the Arnab Goswami scandal. The firebrand journalist who is often accused of spreading propaganda was accused of beforehand knowledge of the Balakot attack due to a leaked WhatsApp chat.

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In the leaked chat, he was thankful for the Pulwama incident, which led to the Balakot attack. Many Indian soldiers lost their lives in Pulwama, so it is not hard to assume why that would lead to dissent.

The Disinfolab report was also a significant event that led to this hashtag trending. The European-based lab revealed a major India-based propaganda campaign aimed at tarnishing Pakistan’s name in the world.

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So if our own local-based “5th generation warriors” aimed to fight propaganda with propaganda, they did succeed in their goal. Whether it was the best course of action, however, is yet to be seen.