Why is MQM-P going to organize protest against the Sindh government?

The MQM-P has announced to hold a protest rally against the Sindh government on July 3. What is the MQM-P demanding?

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Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) has announced the new date for organising a protest against the Sindh government’s performance and budget 2021-22.

The MQM-P has announced to hold a protest rally against the Sindh government on July 3. The announcement was made by the MQM-P leadership after a consultative session held at Bahadurabad headquarters.

During the session, the MQM-P leaders exchanged views of the situation of Karachi, provincial budget and the performance of the Sindh government. The upcoming protest rally will start from Hassan Square roundabout and end at Karachi Press Club (KPC).

The political party issued directives to the workers to start preparations for the upcoming power show. Sources told ARY News that MQM-P will also issue a white paper against the bad governance and biased policy of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) led Sindh government.

Besides holding the protest, the MQM-P will also unveil its future strategy to give tough time to the Sindh government over its failure to control street crimes, misconduct of police department on the name of lockdown, discrimination in government jobs, seizure of resources and anti-state elements.

A strong protest will be organised against those raising anti-state slogans and supporters of Sindhudesh. Moreover, the MQM-P Rabita Committee decided to celebrate the Independence Day with zeal and fervour in the metropolis besides organising different programmes starting from August 1.

Earlier on June 7, MQM-P had announced to hold a protest demonstration against what it said Sindh government’s biased policies towards the urban population in the province on June 15, however, it was postponed.

The Sindh government has been facing criticism for the past several months due to its alleged inability to address the local issues.

In august 2020, the Supreme Court of Pakistan expressed anger at the dismal situation of cleanliness in Karachi, stating that the Sindh government had completely failed in the province. The remarks came after the federal government announced to help clean the city.

“The entire city is filled with filth and sewerage water,” said the chief justice angrily. “Mosquitoes, flies, and germs are everywhere. People are walking on stones [to cross sewerage water],” the CJP said.

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After the 18th amendment, argue analyst, it was made sure that the provinces took charge of the local issues and address them accordingly. However, the Sindh government has apparently failed to devise any mechanism to deal with the crisis it faces every year during the monsoon season in Pakistan. Apart from rains, the garbage in the country’s largest city has always been a big challenge. But it remained largely unaddressed. The federal government is not doing what the Sindh government should have done long ago, argue political analysts.