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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Why isn’t Maryam Nawaz getting tested for Corona?

Many suspect that Maryam Nawaz has the coronavirus as she was in close contact with PPP chief Bilawal and ANP leader Bilour during a PDM rally in Peshawar.

Soon after PPP chief Bilawal, Samar Haroon Bilour, political secretary of ANP political party, has tested positive for coronavirus as well. She updated her status using her Twitter handle last night.

This news came in two days after Bilawal Bhutto, PPP chairman was diagnosed with corona and two days prior to a PDM jalsa in Multan. Many suspect that Bilawal may have caught the virus at the PDM jalsa in Peshawar, which was held despite warnings from the provincial government.

A picture of Bilawal, Samar Bilour, and Maryam Nawaz seated together on the sofa surfaced on the internet where Bilawal and Maryam had been invited to the Bilour house for lunch while they were in Peshawar for the jalsa. The picture shows clear violation of the SOPs, where Bilawal and Samar are not wearing masks and the three of them have no social distance in between.

Many analysts suspect that Maryam Nawaz also has corona but isn’t getting tested. Why is she reluctant to get tested? Political experts opine that Maryam Nawaz is afraid of the political backlash a corona-positive result will bring to her party.

The government has advised the opposition parties to halt an anti-government protest movement until the second wave of the coronavirus has passed. However, the opposition, despite several virus-positive cases amongst itself, has refused.

News of Maryam Nawaz contracting the virus will inevitably be seen by the public as a ringing endorsement of the government’s cautionary advise, something that Maryam is not willing to accept, experts have said, warning that such irresponsible behaviour could put lives at risk.

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Bilawal vows to go ahead with Multan jalsa 

In a tweet, PPP chairman, Bilawal said that he had isolated himself after mild symptoms and will still be addressing the jalsa in Multan via video link. The real question in place is whether the Multan Jalsa will still take place after latest developments and with the government being adamant about the jalsa being a violation of virus SOPs.

Many leaders of the PTI government have come out to wish Bilawal a speedy recovery, but have taken the opportunity to advise him to be rethink the plan of holding the rally as the lives of people are at stake.

Where as, Maryam Nawaz has stated that she will be attending the PDM rally in Multan after receiving orders from her father, Nawaz Sharif. As per, details her father had directed her to forget personal grief (her grandmother passed away earlier this week) and participate in the rally.

Maryam has also been upfront in supporting the delaying of MDCAT for the safety of students, but remains determined for the rally, which will bringing in large crowds and endanger the lives of many because of the coronavirus.


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Corona cases on the rise in Pakistan

The total number of corona cases has reached the maximum high of 392,356. With an 82% rise in cases in education institutions, Education Minister, Shafqat Mehmood had instructed the closure of all the educational institutions.

Pakistan Democratic Movement held the rally in Peshawar despite being well aware of the situation of COVID-19 in Pakistan. Peshawar stands at a 13.39% positivity rate where 202 patients are critical.

Multan is also one of the cities that has reported the highest number of cases in the country. It remains to be seen whether the opposition will turn a blind eye to government directives and go ahead with the jalsa.