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Friday, April 12, 2024

Why Pakistani students are committing suicide?

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In a tragic incident, a student of a private varsity in Lahore committed suicide by jumping off the fourth floor of the building.

She was taken to the hospital where she died succumbing to her injuries. Her body was handed over to her family without a postmortem.

Rushaan Farrukh, 24-year-old, was a 5th-semester student of Visual arts and design department of Beacon House National University (BNU), Lahore. As per her friends, she was going through depression.

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Her tragic death has raised the demand and highlighted the need for therapists in schools to seek guidance from. Not only that, depression and mental health issues are required to be taken seriously and bullying and superficial expectations and norms of society need an end to avoid such shocking and sad incidents.

Mahira Khan, took to Twitter to express her grief and also highlight the need to talk about mental health.

She also shared a screenshot of Rushaan Farrukh in which she professed the need of being compassionate and kind.

A lot of others also expressed sorrow on the sudden demise of a young girl.



The recent rise in suicide due to depression, specifically in the youth of Pakistan is alarming. In the majority of cases, depression resulted due to bullying and social stigmas. In September, a model, Anam Tanoli too committed suicide for the same reason.

A young guy, Ammar, a student of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad jumped off the 3rd floor of the Centaurus mall in June this year and succumbed to his fatal injuries. He too was struggling with depression.

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Saifullah Jamali, a student of chemical engineering at the Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR), Faisalabad shot himself in front of the university gate in October.

It indicates that a proper installation of a system is required to cater to the increasing depression. Awareness campaigns by counselors and therapists can be the beginning point. Reasons of depression vary individual to individual but what is common is need of talking and sharing the issue as only then a person can be helped.