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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why Should You Use A Small  Menstrual Cup?

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You may wonder why the sizes of menstrual cups differ. Does it matter? If you ask women who are using it, you’ll probably get a “yes” answer from them. Instead of tampons and regular pads, many women choose period cups simply because they are more convenient to use. 


However, you have to make sure that you pick the right size of your cup. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable. So if you’re new to using this menstrual product, then you should consider choosing a small sized menstrual cup first. 

What Is a Small Menstrual Cup?

There are three known sizes of the menstrual cup, small, medium and large. Other manufacturers have more selections of sizes, depending on your menstrual needs. However, many women began by using a small-sized period cup because it fits to almost every woman’s need during red days.


Small cups are usually recommended for teens and to those women who did not go through vaginal birth or cesarean section. Using this product is not that easy at the beginning, especially when you don’t know which size works for you. Good thing that you can always start with a small menstrual cup. 


Like any period cup, it does have all the parts needed to protect you from period problems. From the stem, shape, and material, grip rings, and a smooth rim. It is also made from high medical grade silicone and it is also reusable. The only difference is that it is small, and it is easier to use, particularly when inserting the cup into your private area. 

Is Small Sized Menstrual Cup Right For You? 

Even though it’s easier to use a small cup than any size, it doesn’t work for all women like that. This is not just about the quality of the product, and maybe you are using the wrong size.    So you have to know what you need before you buy your period cup. Some are still having leaks even when using a menstrual cup.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a cup size. The positioning of your cervix plays a big part. It is the one who will decide if you need a small, regular or larger cups. If you have a low cervix, then using a small-sized menstrual cup is right for you.

Knowing Your Cervix Position Is Easy!

Measuring your cervix is easy to do, but you have to be observant. Your cervix position changes from time to time within your cycle. So if you want to get an accurate result, then you have to do the measurement as often as possible. However, if you are having a problem doing that, then make sure to do it a few days before your period. When you are about to have your menstruation, your cervix lowers down.


To know where your cervix sits, put your most extended finger inside your private area until you can touch the cervix. It feels like you are touching an earlobe or lips. If you have a low cervix, then your finger must only go in an inch before reaching it. But if your whole finger goes in and it does not touch the cervix at all, then you have a high cervix. 


There are many menstrual cups for the low cervix. And to have a comfortable and carefree period experience, you should choose the small cup. However, if it’s higher, then consider using a menstrual cup that is longer in length. 

Other Information You Should Know

Aside from knowing your cervix position, there are different ways to know the right size for you. You can get the diameter of your vagina. It is more applicable for women who have given birth vaginally. Their vagina stretches after delivering a child, so they have a bigger diameter, and a larger cup is for you. Also, consider your menstrual flow. If you have a heavy period, then a small cup is not for you. 


Nowadays, choosing the right menstrual product can be so confusing because of its different colors, sizes, and appearance. But you have to make sure that you will choose which works best for you during your menstruation. Just like how you select the size of your cup.


If it’s your first time to use a menstrual cup, then you should practice using small cups. They are designed for smooth, hassle-free insertion. And when you think that you can already manage using it, then you can start measuring your cervix. In that way, you will know the best cup size for you.  


Remember always to read the manufacturer’s guidelines that you can read on their websites. It will help you a lot to choose the best for your menstrual needs. At the end of the day, that is your body, and you know better what your body wants.