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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Why This Indian Delivery Boy Ditched his Bike for a Horse

An Indian delivery driver, tired of enduring long waits at gas stations, found a creative solution to continue serving hungry customers.

An Indian food delivery driver’s creative response to the recent fuel shortage in Hyderabad has garnered attention as he opted for a unique mode of transportation – a bay horse. Frustrated by long queues at petrol pumps due to a recent truckers’ strike, the delivery driver was caught on video trotting through the busy streets with Zomato’s distinctive red bag, showcasing the challenges faced by workers in the bustling city.

The truckers’ strike, a response to a proposed law imposing heavy fines and 10-year jail sentences for hit-and-run incidents, led to fuel shortages and traffic jams in Hyderabad. The strike was later called off after the government assured consultations with drivers before implementing the law. The scarcity of petrol left the Zomato rider with no choice but to rely on horsepower for his deliveries.

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The incident highlights the challenges faced by food delivery agents in India, where companies often strive for quick delivery times to stay competitive. Some food app companies, including Zomato, have introduced 10-minute delivery options, sparking concerns about the safety and well-being of drivers navigating through congested cities. Despite claims from companies that delivery agents are not pressured by strict deadlines, the chaotic nature of Indian roads raises questions about the feasibility and impact of such rapid delivery services.

In response to safety concerns, Zomato plans to take proactive measures by adding a phone number on delivery bags. This initiative aims to encourage people to report instances of speeding or reckless driving by delivery agents. While companies assert that delivery personnel are neither rewarded for on-time deliveries nor penalized for delays, the broader discussion around the working conditions and pressures faced by delivery workers in the competitive industry remains ongoing.