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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Why Western Media is Upset over Putin-Tucker Interview

The interview between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson provided the West with an opportunity to grasp Putin's perspective beyond the lens of Western media propaganda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson served as a platform for Moscow to assert its interests regarding Ukraine. Putin reiterated his reason for the war, emphasizing the protection of Russian speakers and accusing Kyiv of posing a threat to Russia by seeking NATO membership. He called on Washington to halt arms shipments to Ukraine and facilitate negotiations, positioning the U.S. as a key player in resolving the conflict.

Despite Putin‘s diplomatic overtures, White House officials urged caution, emphasizing the need to scrutinize his statements. Ever since the interview was released, many Western media outlets have called the interview a ‘propaganda’ so soften Putin’s image. However, analysts and many viewers claim that Putin exposed western propaganda in the interview.

Putin also mentioned that while Russia is committed to defending its interests “to the end”, it has no intention of expanding the war in Ukraine to other countries like Poland and Latvia. Putin clarified that Russian troops would only be sent to Poland if Poland were to attack Russia.

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Putin’s mention of a potential prisoner exchange involving Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich underscored Russia’s diplomatic openness. However, the Wall Street Journal reaffirmed Gershkovich’s innocence and called for his release, signaling ongoing tensions between Russia and Western media outlets.

Putin’s interview with Carlson reflects the importance of media coverage and manipulation. While US authorities are strictly opposing the interview, many believe that it is only fair to hear out what Putin has said.

After the interview, Tucker Carlson was approached with employment opportunities from Russia‘s state-run network RT and Vladimir Solovyov, a commentator known for his pro-Kremlin stance on Russian state television.