Why You Should Download Adobe Photoshop Express Now

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Taking pictures of the moments that we encounter every day has been a part of life now. Capturing these moments has never been better. Storing them on our phones makes it even better since we can look back at it anytime. There are times where we share these moments in social media for everyone to see.

However, there are certain times where we are not entirely satisfied with the images that we capture. Luckily, there is  Adobe Photoshop Express, one of the best apps, where we can showcase all of our favorite photos and make it even better before we post them on social media. 

What exactly is Adobe Photoshop Express? Well, it’s a quick, fun, and free image editing mobile app that enables you to transform your images into something more creative. The app lets you personalize your pictures using the sticker maker, create a collage, and generate memes. You don’t have it yet? Here are the reasons why you should download it.

Easy To Use

New to editing? Don’t worry, adobe photoshop express offers a wide range of easy to use features at your fingertips which makes it very easy to edit your photos. Transform any image and make them unique using the creative tools. All you have to do is add your photo, use the adjustment tools, add some filters, and make the best out of your picture.

Photoshop Express Features

Below are some of the features of the app and how it can make your photo even better than how it used to be. By trying out these features, you might learn a thing or two of how the app transforms your photo into something amazing and a chance to inspire you to create more.

Quick Edits

What makes this app very handy is the feature that allows you to capture an image within the app. If you have an idea about a particular photo and you want to edit it on the spot, you can easily do so. Taking a photo from your device to the app is also pretty quick, and thanks to the smooth interface, switching between different filters and other features is easier.

One-Touch Adjustments

This feature allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows, and brightness of your image. Adobe photoshop express also enables you to sharpen and adjust the saturation of your image to make it even pleasing. You can even add or remove the fog in your image by using the Dehaze filter, which enables you to add more filters to your image.

You can also adjust the temperature of your image by giving it a warm sunny look or giving it a fresh winter look, and it’s up to you. Boost the colors of your image by using the Vibrance tool. This feature improves the low-saturated colors of the picture.

Add Text

This feature allows you to add text to your image. You can use it to create exciting posters, quotes, and memes. You can also adjust the text’s colors, zoom in or out, pan, rotate, and opacity by using the slider. However, this feature is only available in iOS, so if you have one, try utilizing it.

Adjust The Perspective of Your Photo

Turn your boring standstill photo into something better by adjusting the perspective. This feature allows you to change the way the image was taken.  You can either adjust the image vertically or horizontally. Also, there are two auto modes, full auto, and balanced auto.  

Photo Resizing

Another good feature that allows you to adjust the size of your photo to your preferences without losing the photo’s crop ratio. Since social media platforms have different photo dimensions, this enables you to resize the photo before adding other features immediately. 

Sharing Your Photo

Excited to share your amazing work? Great, because you can share all the images that you have completed to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media platforms. You can choose to save the image in different formats in case you want to share your photos through E-mail, Google Photos, Dropbox, or other editing software to encourage others.


You don’t have to worry about taking boring photos anymore because of Adobe Photoshop Express. You can turn those dull-looking photos into something more creative. Although the list is short, it is guaranteed that some of these features can make an impact on your photos.


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