Widespread protests against skyrocketing electricity bills

The demand for electricity in the country stood at 26,100 MW and the production is 20,000MW.

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Electricity consumers have come on roads to protest hike in electricity tariffs. The consumers have refused to pay heavy taxes and demanded the authorities to withdraw them at earliest. Consumers strongly condemned skyrocketing electricity bills in the month of August, even during long hours of unscheduled load shedding followed by blackouts.

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Agitated electricity consumers protested in the areas of Baghbanpura, China Scheme, Green Town, Misri Shah, Shadbagh, Shahdara and other lower-income neighbourhoods of Lahore. They shouted anti-government and anti-power-utility company slogans and said that they would not pay the taxes included in their electricity bills.

A laborer present in the protest said, “I have received an electricity bill of Rs.20,000 and I have only one fan and 2 LED bulbs at home.”

It has also been pointed out by a protestor that upon approaching the authority’s office, they offer us to pay the bill in installments.

Another laborer reported to receive a bill of Rs.71000 without having any air conditioner or washing machine at home.

Besides holding several demonstrations outside the offices of Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco), people belonging to different walks of life have expressed their anger on social media platforms.

On national level, the electricity shortfall has exceeded 5,000 megawatts, resulting in four-eight hours of power cuts daily. The shortfall of electricity in the country has reached at 5,200MW. The demand for electricity in the country stood at 26,100 MW and the production is 20,000MW.

It is not only the average income which reflects the living standards. Cost of living has become extremely high that a person who used to earn decent income in the past is now unable to afford even the necessities.

Moreover, officials cannot realize the pain which they are giving to the citizens until their free access to electricity is withdrawn.

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