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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wife of Farrukh Khokhar found dead in his home

Wife of Farrukh Khokhar found dead in his home. Son of Taji Khokhar seems to be allegedly involved in killing of his wife. A tragic incident has occurred in Dhoke Gangal, where the lifeless body of Ramsha Farrukh, the wife of Farrukh Imtiaz Khokhar and a mother of four, was discovered on Sunday.

Police are investigating the case as it appears she may have been strangled to death. Ramsha’s brother, Ali Raza, has raised serious allegations, claiming that his sister was not only murdered but also hanged from a ceiling fan at her husband’s residence.

The FIR lodged by Ali Raza at the Airport police station recounts a troubled history in Ramsha’s marriage to her cousin, Farrukh Khokhar, which began 14 years ago and produced four children.



According to Ali Raza, Farrukh’s treatment of Ramsha had been problematic throughout their marriage, including threats to her life. He also asserted that Farrukh had established a relationship with another woman and frequently traveled abroad with her.

Just five days before the tragic incident, Ramsha had informed her family that Farrukh had threatened her life. Adding to the complexity of the case, Farrukh and his girlfriend had recently returned from a trip to Qatar, arriving home at 3 am on the fateful Sunday.

Upon receiving a call from Mohammad Imtiaz, Ramsha’s brother-in-law, Ali Raza and another relative, Umar Imtiaz, rushed to Farrukh’s house, where they discovered Ramsha hanging from a ceiling fan with her dupatta wrapped around her neck. Tragically, she had already passed away, bearing two visible strangulation marks on her neck.

Moreover, Ali Raza claims that Farrukh had made threatening calls via WhatsApp. He suspects that his sister’s murder may have involved the collusion of Farrukh’s brother, Samar Imtiaz.

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The police have launched an investigation into the case, and Ramsha’s body has been sent for a postmortem examination. Initial findings suggest that her lifeless body was on the floor with telltale marks of strangulation around her neck.

This tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community, especially given the accusations against Farrukh Imtiaz Khokhar, the son of the well-known land mafia figure Imtiaz Ali Khokhar, also known as Taji Khokhar. The case has taken a serious turn, with an FIR for murder filed in response to the complaint made by Ali Raza Khokar, who alleges a gruesome plot behind his sister’s untimely demise.