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Friday, May 17, 2024

Wife of former Korean K-Pop singer embraces Islam after him

The wife of a popular Korean YouTuber and former K-Pop singer, Daud Kim accepts Islam after him. Kim announced his wife Mia also accepted Islam

The wife of a popular Korean YouTuber and former K-Pop singer, Daud Kim accepts Islam after him. Kim had announced her wife Mia had officially accepted Islam in a video on Monday.

His wife already had a connection to Islam-her grandfather was Muslim but she belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church and lived in Kyrgyzstan for eight years. However, she followed the footprints of her husband and accepted his invitation to embrace Islam.

In a video, Kim can be seen teaching her wife Shahada, (professing faith to God and Prophet Muhammad.)

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Mia also expressed her experience of embracing Islam. She asserted that she feels content after becoming a Muslim.

“There is a reason why Islam is my fate. When I have nightmares, I pray following the Islamic way in my dreams. I always seek for Allah in my dreams,” explained Mia.



She continued, “I’ve ‘found’ Allah in my dreams, but I cannot hide my beliefs by having a different religion. No matter what, I can’t go the other way,” to which Daud added, “Even if you go the other way, you will return to (Islam) in the end.”

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Back in September 2019, Kim, formerly known as Jay Kim embraced Islam. Kim was a member of the famous pop music band, K-Pop.

He announced in a video released on his official YouTube and Instagram account. The video showed Kim reciting Shahada in front of the members of the Seoul Central Mosque.

He also changed his name to Daud from his original Catholic name David. He commented that  “it would make sense to get the name Daud.”

Videos and posts on the positive vibe of Islam dominate his social media content. The fans and followers had appreciated his decisions and extended best wishes for the couple in the comment section.


In the recent video, Daud said that since he and his wife are new to Islam, there might be shortcomings in how they practice Islam but they will learn all the rituals and practices with time.