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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Wife of Rohit Sharma expressed solidarity after Rafah attack in Gaza

According to the latest reports, she deleted the story after heavy trolling from Indian social media users.

The wife of Indian captain Rohit Sharma, Ritika Sajdeh, showed solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine.

She updated her Instagram story with a computer-edited image portraying the massacre of unarmed civilians in Rafah, following Israel’s latest aggression on the Rafah. The image read ‘All Eyes on Rafah’. She is among the very few Indian celebrities who have raised voices for Gaza and ongoing Israeli aggression.

The phrase All Eyes on Rafah has become as a symbol of support for the people of Gaza and Palestine. Ritika gained praise from Pakistani social media users as there is extreme silence in India regarding Israel’s relentless attack on Gaza. Not many have spoken up from the Indian cricket fraternity and entertainment industry. Hence, she stood as the rare voice speaking on the issue. According to the latest reports, she deleted the story after heavy trolling from Indian social media users.

Meanwhile, Israel is receiving heavy condemnation and backlash globally for its attack on refugee camps. Netanyahu called it a tragic mistake.

Israel has launched an investigation after at least 45 Palestinian refugees were killed in Sunday’s IDF strike on the overcrowded southern Gazan city of Rafah.

According to ABC News, shrapnel from the strike ignited a fuel tank 100 meters away from the intended target, creating a large fire at an encampment housing displaced people.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the civilian deaths in a speech to Israel’s parliament on Monday. “Despite our utmost efforts not to harm innocent civilians, last night there was a tragic mistake,” he said, as quoted by the Associated Press. “We are investigating the incident and will obtain a conclusion because this is our policy.”

Several Bollywood celebrities have now updated their Instagram stories with the image ‘All Eyes on Rafah.’ Meanwhile Sonam Kapoor takes the lead as she updated several stories expressing solidarity with Gaza and Palestine.