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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Will Jagmeet Singh be Canada’s next Prime Minister?

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While the other half of the West is brimming with white supremacists sentiments, Jagmeet Singh, 38, a Sikh, was voted as the head of Canada’s third-biggest political party.

A criminal lawyer from Ontario, and a son of Indian Sikh immigrant, Singh slashed a resounding victory with 54% of votes over his opponents in intra-party elections that held on Sunday 1st October.

Sworn in as the leader of Canada’s third-biggest Party, he has replaced Thomas Mulcair as the leader of New Democratic Party.

Singh being the head of the third most popular party after Justin Trudeau’s Liberal and The Conservatives, now holds a big possibility of giving tough time to Trudeau in the race of Premiership in next general elections that are to be held in 2019.

Singh has been critical of Narendra Modi’s government and has expressed his dissatisfaction over economic policies pursued by Trudeau’s government.

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While PM Trudeau, on the other hand, extended his gratitude to Jagmeet Singh and congratulated him on his victory.

“Canadians deserve a government that understands the struggles that people are facing right now. Most importantly, Canadians deserve a government that gets the job done. That’s why today I’m officially launching my campaign to be the next prime minister of Canada.”

Singh in his acceptance speech stated that after this victory, he has also embarked upon a journey to become the next PM of the country. However, he was heard making several pledges during his campaign in which he boasted of working towards mitigating the fears of income insecurity by creating more employment for the people.

Counting up on his life struggles, Singh wants to lead his election campaign under the theme of “Love and Peace.”

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Sikh, Racism and New Canada?

Singh’s victory has unlocked the doors for even greater minority representation in Canada’s political front and this can be a potential omen for Canadian’s to keep the society binding through inclusivity and social harmony.

While the Western societies are increasingly compressed with anti-Islam, anti-racial and white supremacy, they are also experiencing a rise in hate and violent crimes.

Countries that were once deemed as a bastion of peace, acceptance, and admirers of cultural diversity, are now transforming into cohesive societies with diminishing space for the ethnic minorities.

Effects can be observed from the fact that European countries are vehemently following the course of burqa ban, propagating it as a threat to liberal ideals of their society.

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After Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Germany, Austria has become the latest in joining the league of Burqa bans.

By confiding all their support for a young energetic leader, like Justin Trudeau, Canada bypassed the long-held notions for a man with a grey head to be ideal for leadership.

Similarly, Singh’s victory as a leader from ethnic minority proves that Canada is advocating progressiveness as opposed to many countries in the same region.

However, Trudeau’s reserves the right to be admired for sowing the seeds of multi-cultural representation in his Federal Cabinet.

While Sikh Community makes up the 1.5% of the total population of Canada, the three Sikh ministers in the Trudeau’s cabinet can be the catalyst for the change Canada is experiencing.

Harjit Sajjan, 42, a turbaned Sikh has been appointed as the Federal Defense Minister while, Navdeep Bains,38, hold the portfolio of innovation, science and technology Minster and Amarjeet Sohi is working as Minister of Infrastructure. Meanwhile, India only has 1 representation from Sikh Community in Modi’s government.

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While Sikh deems the imposition of Jagmeet Singh as a robust representation of their community, it is to yet to be seen that how much Jagmeet Singh is inclined towards bringing international peace and whether he will support Khalistan movement in India or not?