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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Will PM Khan govt stabilize?

Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently facing several hurdles, for example, the ECP report on PTI foreign funding and the Opposition's relentless campaign against the government. However, despite all this, PM Khan has put on an optimistic front.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently facing several hurdles. Among the important hurdles are the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) report on PTI’s foreign funding case, and the Opposition. The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) both announced a long march.

However, despite all this, PM Khan has put on an optimistic and positive front and expressed that the PTI-led government will turn things around. In a recent interview, PM Khan said that that the next three months for the PTI government are very important. He also said that he does not feel threatened by “corrupt parties.”

Regarding this, senior journalist Haroon-ur-Rashid stated that Imran Khan is just giving the impression of being hopeful. While talking on a show for a private news channel, Haroon-ur-Rashid said that whenever Imran Khan is in trouble, he always puts on a confident front and gives his best performance.

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Also, he elaborated on why PM Khan said that the next three months will be important. According to the senior journalist, there are secret talks that the US will release the coalition support fund canceled by the Trump Administration for Pakistan.

Important to note, in 2018, US President Donald Trump suspended more than $1.1bn in security assistance to Pakistan. The US made the move after accusing Pakistan that it was not acting against armed groups such as the Afghan Taliban. As a result, this increased tensions between the two countries. However, Haroon-ur-Rasheed said because of Afghanistan, the US is now looking to improve ties with Pakistan. Therefore, chances are high that the US will release the support fund.

Major developments coming soon to Pakistan?

Secondly, Haroon-ur-Rasheed stated the prices of palm oil and cooking oil will also see a drop. This will happen due to the trends in the international market.

Furthermore, the decision regarding the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) will bring stability to the country, Haroon-ur-Rasheed said. Recently, PM Khan said he had so far not thought about extension in the tenure of COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.

“The current year has just started and November is far away. Then why there is worry about extension in the tenure of the army chief,” the prime minister said at a one-on-one meeting with Islamabad Bureau Chief Khawar Ghumman.

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However, Haroon-ur-Rasheed noted that Imran Khan will soon announce the decision for a new COAS. He will do this just like former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan announced the replacement of former COAS General Aslam Baig in 1991. As president, Mr. Khan twice used a constitutional amendment that gave the president sweeping discretionary powers to dismiss a government and override the government’s choice of army chief.

Important to note, the situation is still fluid, but if these points come into realization, then it will be a defining moment for the PTI government.